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I just wanted to note the fact there are two really good disability-threads on the front page, and I am here for it! I was pleasantly reminded of the #poctakeover, and while I'm not sure there is similar intent behind the disability posts, I just wanted to say I'm one happy wheelchair user this afternoon.
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I don't know that anyone has explicitly organized a #cripstakeMefi initiative or that there's enough coalescence out of the current disability caucus thread to get something like that rolling, but I've been loving all the FPPs, too. It's nice, isn't it?
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I think it would be fantastic to do something like that. Though, I think it should be a different hashtag for a number of reasons.

Maybe #DisabilityTakeover or #DisabledMefi or something like that. Totally open to suggestions.
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I've never done an FPP before so that makes me nervous but I'll consider some possibilities of what to post.
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Do we need a slack/discord for discussing this? The #poctakeover said that behind the scenes support helped a lot for having a space to soundboard FPPs and to check in/vent about responses and how to handle them outside of MeFi.
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I can see the one about ASL interpreter Christine Sun - what is the other one?
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All right, folks who want a slack: go nuts.

(Link will expire in 30 days; after that, we'll work out how to handle on-boarding newer folks longer-term.)
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I personally appreciated this recent FPP: How to design AI that eliminates disability bias
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> I personally appreciated this recent FPP: How to design AI that eliminates disability bias

Glad you enjoyed it! Not being disabled myself, I was reluctant to make the FPP center on issues primarily affecting the disabled community, but seeing folks in the #poctakeover MeTa asking for help with the burden of educating others gave me a little push to get it out there.
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There's another good one up: the power of magic, unicorns, and whatever else we use to make adapters, by Stacey. I probably wouldn't have seen that if it hadn't been tagged disability, so am grateful for that.
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Relatedly, MeFites have made several recent posts on autism, generally tagged "autism", such as this post about an adult who found it very useful to successfully seek a diagnosis. In comments there, Snarl Furillo appreciated the recent disability- and autism-related posts. And I appreciate them too. Thanks to all who make them!
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