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We were asked for a status update on consulting, and I'll cover a few other things too. Briefly: Consulting/training for the mods on anti-racism/anti-oppression is still in process; hopeful to have an update soon. Changes to moderation practice based on last summer's discussions and the new Community Guidelines are in place and continue to be refined. Our restless_nomad will be officially retired as of next week, and jessamyn will be filling in for some shifts in the coming weeks. The hiring process continues, and the first deadline is this weekend so please apply or refer a friend if you've been putting it off!

A bit more detail about each of these.

Consulting/training for the mods. We're working with a specific anti-oppression consultant and have completed the preliminary work for them, but we've had several scheduled group sessions that had to be cancelled, so the upshot is: we're still re-scheduling. [Update: we're now re-scheduled]. The consultant usually works with larger, better paying, more "standard" clients -- we are a weird case in many dimensions -- and they're very generously fitting us in between those clients. This has meant us deferring to their schedule, last-minute changes due to travel, unexpected technical problems, etc. I'm sorry this has taken so long; the mods are all very eager to actually do it and I know the consultant is too. I'm grateful to the consultant fitting us in and look forward to a very useful and wide-ranging discussion.

Changes to moderation practice continue. We've continued to evolve how we actually moderate day-to-day, taking in people's feedback, as we work to reduce micro-aggressions and raise the base level of awareness about potential racism in more subtle aspects of discussions here. As suggested in the fall, we're letting pushback comments stand in more cases, and trying to be much more visible about promoting and linking the new Community Guidelines, and leaving longer more detailed mod notes in threads.

Temporary jessamyn. Jessamyn will be very kindly filling in for some shifts over the next month or so, as cortex is taking a few days off, restless_nomad will soon be officially leaving, and we need extra coverage while hiring/onboarding of the new person is ongoing. If you see her around leaving mod notes, that's why.

Hiring. The deadline for the first stage of the hiring process is this weekend. If you or someone you know has been meaning to apply for the job, please do! Once this deadline has passed we'll be getting in touch with candidates advancing to the next stage, and we still hope to be able to complete the process by the end of Feb or early March.

About the closed comments - this is something we're trying out, to offer status updates or informational announcements about things-in-process without a resource-intensive Metatalk thread being a required corollary.
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