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That’s it. Something that happens once every four years deserves some recognition!
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Smoke if you got 'em.
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And that birthday will not be reached by me til 1940
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Today I learnt Leap Years are only almost every fourth year.
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I got my hair cut today. When I made the appointment my barber said "oh, you'll be one of my extra customers!" which was sort of exciting. Turns out, it was just a haircut like usual.
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Happy birthday, grandma.
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We made it into a holiday and bought the nice kid a present.
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I really, really love the Leap Day episode of 30 Rock.
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It is the second anniversary of Davy Jones's death in 2012.

(I have been in way too many productions of The Pirates of Penzance.)
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Happy birthday, grandma.
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Mine too, but she's been gone since '94. Dad and I have been sharing memories all day. No one ever loved me as much as my Grama did.
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Our house commemorated leap day by the water heater failing and springing a leak. Fortunately a previous owner installed a drip pan with a proper drain under it, so there was no collateral damage. But until the new heater's installed we'll have a day or two of cold showers to remember it by.
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Feel like on leap day we should be allowed to post images or argue about cat declawing or get away with something we don't normally get to do. Mods?
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What's the difference between an old water heater and an old mattress?

One springs leaks and the other leaks springs.
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I have added
a day
to your year
your tenth

in which
you were probably
for a doll

Forgive me
they meant calendars
so rare
I got rich
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So today at work it was CURSED. Between a customer shoving perlite into my arms as I walked through the back gate (wife had done a return/purchase over the phone because she didn’t want to leave the home because corona virus) to one person calling in sick- one person getting shit-canned (for good reasons honestly) and both our trainees leaving mid day because they should have called in sick- to a known fabulater and serial returner who really should be banned from the store showing up and causing trouble to a charming tweaker getting into a loud argument with a magnolia tree before quieting down and grabbing one of our brooms and sweeping the parking lot. He... did a pretty good job honestly and if he can sober up might be a good hire. And like this is the half of it. Thank god this day only comes once every four years...
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Went to the boat party. Learned two things:

1. Asymmetrical spinnakers are a thing
2. Knowing people when they were kids does not mean that, 25 years later, you will have anything in common.
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Can we cash in say, three mefi leap years for time travel points?
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I just noticed I wrote "We made it into a holiday and bought the nice kid a present."

We bought the kid a nice present; we didn't buy the nice kid a present and get nothing for the mean kid. Damn.
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We spent our bonus day of summer (suddenly it's autumn here even though it's the nicest day for a while- 1st of March!) Driving up the road to the next big town, ate at the Vietnamese bakery. mrfeet had Vietnamese coffee for the first time, and disturbingly when we did the grocery shop tonight there were three cans of condensed milk in the trolley...
I ate most of an enormous bowl of delicious soup. We took the pastries out to my sister in-laws to share (apple is the best flavour of danish, we decided). Dropped in on my parents in-law as well- they were canning peaches and pears, and we took some fruit to eat as well. (It's delicious.)

I also did my marking, finishing it off with the incentive of being able to say I got it done before the end of February.
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Tony Robbins celebrated his fifteenth birthday yesterday. Motivational guru is probably a good choice for a career if you can accomplish as much as he had by his eighth birthday. By the time I was eight, I could draw pretty cool spaceships. He had a very successful infomercial.

It is the second anniversary of Davy Jones's death in 2012.

Incidentally, the Wikipedia page for February 29 dryly notes that the deaths on this day include that of "Mumtaz Qadri, Pakistani assassin, [who] was allegedly executed on Feb 29 to deny his supporters an anniversary."
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I had a really lovely leap day! I met a cat that I'm hoping to adopt, I played Diablo 3 with some friends and finished up the main story, and then I went to another friend's house to watch horror movies (and the Leap Day 30 rock episode, which I had never seen!). A+, more leap days please.
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I had a birthday party yesterday, though it was only because it was the first Saturday after my actual birthday, which was Wednesday. It was a small gathering of friends, some bringing children, so in my son’s room there was a second, littler party. Both parties were very nice.
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February 29 2016 I rode my bicycle around the hike/bike path which encircles Town Lake, right at 11 miles. I'd decided to ride that loop every day for 30 days without missing a day. I'd made a mistake a couple of days before that, not only looked in the mirror but actually *saw* what I was looking at, fat ballooning over my belt, and somehow it clicked and I was like "Nope." I didn't choose the date, didn't even know I'd started on 02/29 until almost 30 days in, looking back.

February 29 2020 I rode my bicycle around the hike/bike path. I've ridden (at least) 11 miles every day for four years continually. It's a hell of a discipline, it's that whole One Day At A Time thing writ large, or writ long, or something.


The worst is wind. Especially if it's also cold. More especially worst yet if it's wind and cold and rain. That is The Worst. Gawd. Totally dispiriting. I have said many, many bad words on days like that, which doesn't matter because no one else is out to hear me rant and rave on, because normal people stay in on days like that, and I sure can't blame them.


I'm fairly convinced that it's kept me from illness, because I'm going to ride No Matter What and No. Way. do I want to ride sick. So times I feel sick I hop on the bike anyways and generally by 7 miles in I don't feel sick, or don't care, or something. Allergies are a bitch -- I live on anti-histamines -- Austin has garbage blooming year round. It's every bit as bad as The Valley in Arizona in springtime is, except all year 'round. Twice I've had it go south, badly, into sinus infections, once it *finally* went away, the second time a run of steroids needed to knock it on its ass.


Starting late last July I got to wondering what was it that is Absolutely Impossible. Ridiculous, No Way I Could Do It or even try to do it, I decided upon 650 push-ups every day by my 65th birthday, middle of December. I made it, easily, hit 25 sets of 26 somewhere late in October, and have missed maybe six days since. Going forward I intend to not miss any days push-ups. We'll see. One Day At A Time.


The bicycle rides have absolutely stopped bad cholesterol numbers from rising -- they are stopped dead, four years straight. Each year my good guy cholesterol numbers have risen about 10%. Blood pressure numbers perfect. I dropped some weight but plateaued and could *not* drop any more, because my diet was for shit, all over the place. The push-ups have forced my hand w/r/t diet, I just mostly don't want to eat junk, and if I do eat garbage I pay for it, I just don't feel good and the push-ups are a suffering. So -- no more junk into my mouth. The odd Snickers bar, a cheeseburger here/there, but mostly not.

That was the missing piece, all of the fat is now gone.

But now I'm skinny as a rail. You have to look at me twice to see me once. I can hide behind a broom. I'm strong as fuck but truly, skinny as a rail. I eat like a bear just out of hibernation, TONS of protein, TONS of good-guy fat (fish, avocados, I cook with avocado oil, blah blah blah), and a lot of carbs, too, but nothing sticks. Which I absolutely prefer to carrying the fat that I did but ... Just not sure what the next step is. The gym? Weights?


Anyways. Four years. One Day At A Time.
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OK so I'm a little convinced that Leap Day is magic, because not only were Kris10_B and her partner randomly seated behind me at a (freaking amazing Hannah Gadsby) show Saturday night, but then I left that show and took a somewhat unorthodox route home due to spidey senses tingling and ran into the very person I most want to see and we hung out for a bit.
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I am now fully convinced that Leap Days are magic as well.
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