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As foretold in prophecy, at 6 PM Eastern time tonight Joel Hodgson will be hosting a special "social distancing" MST3K show, with the cast of the live tour riffing, in a chatroom setting, the season one episode Moon Zero Two, which is a kind of "space western." We watch MST frequently in our own chat room, keeping each other distantly social long before it was cool or necessary. We're going to be trying to watch and riffing them watching and riffing their old riffshow, in a pleasantly recursive showing, assuming we can set it up correctly. You all are all invented to watch and riff along if you like!

Thanks to Fizz for suggesting mentioning it here. After their show we'll be watching our own scheduled episode, 203 JUNGLE GODDESS.
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Thanks for posting this. It will be midnight here in Stockholm when it kicks off and I have an appointment early. I would love to join y’all but just cannot make it. Dammit!
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We should be ready to go now--
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So, how was it?
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Great, I thought! It wasn't a scrolling chat room at all, but instead the characters appeared in a side-window. We also found out that Gypsy has been renamed G.P.C. to avoid using what is now commonly considered a slur for her name, which I appreciate at least! Felicia Day and Jonah Ray showed up during the aftershow, along with other current cast and crew, and Jonah sung the Reptilicus song! No word yet on if or when there's more shows, live, TV'd or stream'd, coming.

The riffing was excellent for the movie, which, being a first-season episode, had long holes in the riffing for them to chime in during. They showed a short afterward, but it was really short, I think around five minutes or so. Still, it was all pretty impromptu and all faults can easily be forgiven.
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Neat! The MST3K subreddit was kind of shitting on it, but they have a bug up their butt about Joel, so.
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