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Hey Singaporean Mefites, is anybody working on an FPP for the elections? If not, maybe I'll try to whip something up, but I've been kind of busy lately so it would be something simple. It would be great to have a nice lengthy post full of useful links and background information though! (mods I kind of recall it is okay to ask questions like this on MeTa, but if it isn't do let me know what's a better way!)
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(Quick process note: this post had a weird hiccup yesterday where it was posted-then-unposted temporarily, while we emailed with destrius across a big time zone difference. But now it's up! Apologies to destrius for the delay getting this posted and thanks for your patience)
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I'm not working on one, don't want to get my expat butt POFMA'd lol!
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ditto - if you picked up New Naratif's coverage, you'd probably be good to go.
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Okay, there we go.

I spent longer on it than I should have... one of the reasons I was hoping somebody else was already working on it was because I didn't want to get carried away and spent an afternoon building links. But honestly, I probably would have just wasted the time posting memes on Facebook anyway. :P
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