U.S. Gulf Coast Hurricane Check-in August 27, 2020 9:24 AM   Subscribe

Thinking of those MeFites and their loved ones in Louisiana, Texas, and elsewhere along the U.S. Gulf Coast. Please let us know how you’re faring!
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Heard from ColdChef over Twitter that they're doing okay. Best wishes for other MeFites, let us know if we can help.
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Doing okay here (New Orleans); we're having some heavy periods of rain as the outer bands of the storm move through, but nothing particularly more severe than an ordinary summer downpour as of yet, fingers crossed. (My potted hibiscus blew over, which ordinarily happens about twice a month.)

The long-term damage done in southwestern Louisiana is quite possibly going to be irreversible, though; climate change won't be kind there. That's the heart of Cajun Country, and it's an irreplaceable cultural heritage, soon to be lost under the waves.
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Just got a text from the city with a link to a list of organizations to give to, if you are so inclined and able:

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Back in Houston-ish area already. Everything I have seen and heard is that our area was completely unaffected. My heart goes out to all in Cameron, LA and other areas affected. Looking forward to helping those in need when I can. (Thanks, tiva, for the link. Long term, what eustatic mentions in the blue thread also plays into the long term damage you talk about. Look forward to helping fund that in the future, if they get requisite approval.
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Also here in Houston, and we are all breathing a sigh of relief as we dodged a major bullet. I heard last night that some folks plan to collect the supplies they stocked and deliver them to our friends to the east who were hard hit.

I have to admit, with everything else that we are dealing with right now, I was not my usual resilient self when preparing for this hurricane. The next six weeks of playing "when will the next one hit us" is not going to help either.
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Yeah, I was surprised how Marco completely dissipated, and then Hurricane Laura barely even produced much rain here in New Orleans. We were just outside of its reach. There are scenes from Lake Charles by the Texas border that look devastating, though.
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Family is in Shreveport. They lost a huge branch on an oak tree, but it missed their house. Both households I know
there have power, but there are still power outages there, lots of downed trees and powerlines.

A local volunteer group is helping cut up the wood and doing general clean up, I'm also hearing lots about people checking in on my elderly family, so that's good to hear.
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