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A while back I jokingly said something about how we should have a Metafilter Zoom knitting group, and a couple of people MeMailed me to express interest in actually doing it. Should we? It doesn't have to be limited to knitting: it could be a general hang-out-on-Zoom (or some other platform) while-doing-your-small-craft-project group.

I don't know how to organize a Zoom knitting group, so if people are up for it, we should discuss logistics.
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I would be interested in this (if my social anxiety doesn’t override that interest). I’ve tried to learn to knit every winter for the past three years, never finishing anything because it’s really hard for me to stick with anything I’m not immediately good at, but I do find it enjoyable. It’d be nice to have a low key option for hanging out and seeing what folks are working on.
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I would love this. The last time I met other knitters was over two decades ago and I still have fond memories of quietly knitting and chatting.

I also need motivation to finish the toe of the second Skew sock so I can send them off and get started on a stash of baby clothes. Oh! Can we also do Christmas things?

In other words, yessssss please
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On the non-knitting end, early on in the stay-home times, us Mefites-in-Japan had a pretty regular zoom get together. It's good times, and I highly recommend it.
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I’m not sure that the zoomininess of this would work for me, but it sounds like fun to try.
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I would be interested in this!
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I’m in. Also happy to attempt to teach anyone how to knit or crochet over zoom. It may not work but it’s worth a try!
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Sure! I can host zooms through work for now, if folks would like.
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My small craft project would be limited to giving myself a manicure in case anyone else is worried about crafting! (Hope that’s ok!)
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I would be into this, I’d be doing pretty much every craft other than knitting, whoops.
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Would be interested depending on timings. I am happy to teach knitting or crochet to anyone, and myself would be doing that or weaving while we are all together.
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A group of friends has a regular Monday night Stitch-n-Bitch session which used to be an in-person crafting hangout but has now moved virtual. It's a key element in folks staying caught up.
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I would be interested!
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Yes! My job schedule is all over the place right now so I can't guarantee I'd be able to make it, but I love this idea and am very interested.
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Depends on the timing but me and my neglected embroidery would pop in!
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I would be interested. I have been thinking of taking all the leftover yarn I have and attempting a sweater -- very low stakes because the colors will be awful and no one would want to wear it, but maybe I'll learn a little about making something that isn't a scarf or a dishtowel.
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Instead of a zoom call could it be something more... ambient? I am not up on the technologies available, but I’m imagining a chat room with opt in video call capabilities where folks can be hanging out any time? That would be a discord server, right? Could still have set times for people to show up.
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I'm interested - I knit but haven't recently, so it might be me playing with clay or working on some other little art project
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I might be up for this! (with or without crochet hooks in hand)
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Ooooh I would love this! Please yes.
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I would love to knit with other MeFites!
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You could also have scheduled craft time in chat. But, yes, this is a fine idea.
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I might like this.
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I would definitely do this.
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I’m in! Have a bunch of knitting projects in varying stages, and I picked up latch hooking as a quarantine project.
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yay! would love to pop in and do whatever!
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I would also love this :)
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I'm in. Chat or zoom, whatever people prefer.
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Sure! I can host zooms through work for now, if folks would like.
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My partner's (turtlegirl) local knitting group has been meeting via zoom for a while. The most important thing for them was when the library got an account so they could have a space without a changing invite and password. Thanks, ChuraChura.
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I'm in — I just started a new knitting project so this would be fun!
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I would be interested in this! I am a knitter but am branching out into embroidery and macrame.
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I am an interested knitter.
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I enjoy groups that do this (you don't have to knit, it just means you're not required to stare into the camera the whole time; I got my desk cleaned up pretty well last time, and did my nails), the tricky part is that you need some kind of a private mechanism for signing up and getting a link so it doesn't get zoombombed.

Ideally you put together a group of people willing to be hosts and manage that private mechanism for signups/links. You'll likely end up planning multiple sessions that are amenable to various time zones, hosts take shifts or sessions.
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I would totally do this.
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I would totally be in!
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I would 100% enjoy showing off all these Baby Surprise Jackets over video. And knitting more with people.
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Well I don’t know how to knit and I’m probably in the wrong time zone but I had a few mending meet ups with MeFites before I left California and it was really fun. So if the time was right I would totally do it and just put her with some thing because it’s pleasant not to have to stare into the camera constantly but simply listen and contribute commentary from time to time. Also, have seen pics of some of bilabial’s baby surprise jackets and they are amazeballs. So great!
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I also have a commercial zoom account for work so would be willing to host on occasion as well.
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I'm interested! I haven't knitted in decades, and I think I can only really remember the basic (stockinette?) stitch, but god knows there's a zillion YouTube tutorials out there. I'd been thinking about taking up knitting, now that we're heading into winter with no end in site to isolating, and it would be wonderful to have a chance to interact with other people!
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As the winter holidays approach, I will have a bunch of bookbinding projects to crank thru. If the timing works, I might be able to join in too while I sew my books together!
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I don't knit but I like to bake. If anyone wants to Zoom a bread or bakery hour, DM me.
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Before I consider this some of the mifilawyers should resolve liability issue if someone like me pokes his eye out with one of those dangerous weapons....
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I second the mention of Discord above. This would allow for people to participate just via chat if they preferred, and also easily break into smaller rooms (I know Zoom has breakout rooms but IIRC they require the organizer to shuffle people around rather than letting people enter whatever room they wish) since the amount of interest suggests one big room would be overwhelming. Discord has chat, voice, and video. It would also let people leave messages and updates on their work throughout the week even if they can't make the specific time. I'd be happy to help set it up if other people are interested in that.
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I'd be interestested. I've got a half done embroidery project that needs finishing. Also coloring.
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Yes, please. I am a knitter but I am also about to embark on a new craft odyssey: needle felting.
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I would be interested. I recently finished a project and am trying to finish another one.
posted by brookeb at 5:35 PM on October 15

I would absolutely do this! I have never used discord before but am happy to learn a new tool if that’s where this ends up.
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P.S. I only vaguely remember how to knit, as it’s been years, so I would welcome a reminder of how to cast on. Thanks, iamkimiam, for the offer of tutelage!
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Officially on maternity leave and the advantage of it being my second is that I feel like I could actually do some knitting while he is at the feed sleep repeat stage! Would love a reason to pick up my sock and Afghan again.

I am in the UK though, so some time zone considerations may be relevant.
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I love this and think the discord server might be ideal. I'd love to learn to crochet but also just have company while I putter around sorting out my craft room. The nice thing about the discord server is that folks can log on anytime and just chill with whomever is there. My 13 yo has one with kids from all over the there is usually someone to talk to no matter when he logs in.
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I’d tentatively be in, though with work and kids I don’t have oodles of free time. I do have a cardigan with half the stitches on the button band picked up , that would be nice to finish....
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Here, I’ve made a discord server. I do not want to be the only or primary admin! If you want to schedule times for video calls or be active I would love for you to be proactive. Please don’t be shy about it. If you also want to do Zoom meetings we could announce the invites and times for them on the server. We can make lots of different channels but I’m keeping it very simple to start off with.
Metacrafts invite link
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What days and times would people prefer? Please post your top 1-3 days/times and I'll create a poll with SurveyMonkey.

Also, I know many people who love Discord but I absolutely hate it, so if others would also prefer Zoom...we could have hangouts on both, it doesn't have to be one or the other.
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Oh, and my preferred dates/times are Monday 9pm EST and Sunday 4pm EST.
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I am a longtime MeFite who owns a yarn shop in Asheville, NC. We used to have a shop downtown but are online only these days due to the COVID. We have 3 weekly Zoom stitch groups, and I'd be happy to host a MeFi one if the times don't conflict. My mother in law has been fighting lung cancer since February, so we have been super locked down and I miss seeing people.

If you'd like to join our already-established groups, we're always welcoming, and we've had stitchers from three continents. We're very LGBTQ friendly and nerdy and we don't avoid politics (though we try not to make ourselves more depressed with extended rants).

If we do set up a MeFi Zoom, setting up some ground rules tends to be very helpful. It can be easy for some people to kind of monopolize a conversation without really meaning to. I have a lot of experience moderating stitch groups, but no experience moderating MeFites.

The latest Zoom version lets people self-select into breakout rooms, which means that if some people want to chat about US politics and others want to avoid it, that's easy to manage.
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Mizu, I already had a Discord account, it turns out, but I've virtually never used it. My Mac isn't recognising the invite. Is there a Discord tag for the group I can use to access the group? Please PM me or, you know, ignore me if this is too much of a pain. :-)
posted by Bella Donna at 1:43 PM on October 16

Never mind, figured it out. Yay!
posted by Bella Donna at 1:47 PM on October 16

"I have a lot of experience moderating stitch groups, but no experience moderating MeFites."

On the whole, they're pretty great.
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I’m having shoulder surgery on Monday so no knitting for me but I will still be into this! I want to see bilabial’s Baby Surprise jackets and for one-handed projects I’m thinking watercolors? I have three little kits waiting for me to do them. I might even be able to do my nails, which is not something I would ordinarily do, but desperate times.
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If you have a generous definition of crafting that includes things like folding laundry, catching up on a journal, and staring into space, I would be down.
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M-F 8-10pm is a good time for me.
Weekend afternoons might work too.
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Hey, I'm hosting a little baking meetup tomorrow morning at 9 EST. If you want to join, message me an email address and I'll send you a zoom invite.
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Into it.
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Yes, I'd love to do this!
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Hey folks, I don't feel like posting separately about this but wanted to note the virtual walking meetup that is in progress at IRL. A hardy band of three of us are currently engaged. It is silly and fun. Feel free to check it out.
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Kathrynm and I just finished our first Zoom baking hour this morning and it was fun. Talked about favorite kitchen tools, the power of bacon, and the use of chai in fall recipes. I made a loaf of sourdough, two loaves of raisin bread, and pizza dough for dinner tonight. Kathrynm made two dozen zucchini, bacon, chive, and cheddar muffins. I'll share pics when my stuff is actually finished.

We're going to do it again next Saturday morning at 9 EST so ping me if you want an invite.
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I will be out of town next weekend but would welcome a baking (in my case, more of a cooking) date in the future, so I will ping you later, Stanczyk. Many thanks for the idea, can't wait!
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Adding my name to the interest list! I am in a similar knitting group through another community and it’s nice! Socializing over zoom can be exhausting in its intensity of “being on”, but I’ve found that online craft sessions quickly find a rhythm where folks can mostly keep eyes on their projects and maintain a light discussion with natural silences... kind of like in any other knitting circle.
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Here are the results.
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mmmm Stanczyk! I'm coming to C-bus when this whole virus thing gets under control.

Here are my muffins. I actually made 23 and one went into my belly as lunch.
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I'm down.
posted by batbat at 8:12 PM on October 19

I'd be in, if it's at a time that I'm awake (in Sydney, so may not be possible).
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Does anyone on this thread have a Doodle account so they can run a quick poll for possible dates and times that work for the most number of people?

I would suggest having a second one scheduled for those of us over in Asia/Australasia!
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Folks who are part of the Discord (or would like to join the discord!) are welcome to come hang out and craft etc. in video/voice chat tonight - I'll be in there probably starting around 7 PM EST.
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Kathrynm and I are going to do another Saturday Morning Baking Club tomorrow at 9 am EST. Memail me for a Zoom invite if you'd like to join us.
posted by Stanczyk at 11:59 AM on October 23

Okay, I just saw this hella late but will go try out the Discord. Even though I may not be able to do any group stuff until after mid-November.
posted by jenfullmoon at 2:37 PM on November 1

I'm late to this and not a frequent Mefi contributor, but I'm a new lurker in Discord, with cross-stitch and watercolors at the ready.
posted by MsMacbeth at 10:19 PM on November 2

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