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Let's talk holiday card exchange planning! I'd love to do the card exchange again this year. A couple of questions on timing and specifics -

With the mail potentially being slower, moving up the timeline of signups and when I get information out to everyone is probably a good idea. I normally try to get lists out to people the weekend of Thanksgiving, but this year, what if we do signup from 11/3-11/19, and my goal is to get lists out by Monday 11/23?

Last year, there was a request for a Europe only group, if there was enough interest. Is there interest in that this year? Previously, we've done US only and Anywhere.

Other notes about the exchange -
-Any type of card is fine - handmade, storebought, postcards, etc
-We don't have a specific timeline on when you need to have your cards sent out by, just whenever you can.
-Some people put specific requests in the notes i.e., specific holiday they celebrate or don't celebrate, requests for non-religious cards if possible, etc.
-In the past, I've given the option for numbers of cards as 10, up to 20, and up to 30.
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I am good with those dates (but also if it doesn’t work out, doesn’t seem much harm if cards are still trickling in into January :). I am routinely the first one sending out cards amongst my irl people.... I would be doing thé Anywhere group so no vote on the Europe-only matter. So glad you are doing this again!!!! Let me know if you need any help but count at least one in!!!!
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I would be interested in a Europe only group! Thanks for organising.
posted by ellieBOA at 4:29 AM on October 26

I would love to participate!
posted by slappy_pinchbottom at 5:16 AM on October 26

You know I'm in for anywhere!
posted by RhysPenbras at 6:52 AM on October 26

I'm in, and up for sending/receiving anywhere
posted by darsh at 7:08 AM on October 26

I'm in.
posted by Ruki at 7:08 AM on October 26

I'm interested!
posted by Gray Duck at 7:50 AM on October 26

While I'd be requesting Anywhere, is it possible to be more specific, like maybe 20% international and 80% domestic - or does that overcomplicate things? Thanks for organizing this!
posted by kbar1 at 8:07 AM on October 26

I could do this! It would be my first time doing cards. I'd be up for anywhere. This isn't xmas specific, is it?
posted by Lawn Beaver at 8:25 AM on October 26

Very in!
posted by lucy.jakobs at 9:03 AM on October 26

I'm game. I'd need to do US only though due to finances.
posted by kathrynm at 11:19 AM on October 26

Yay, I love this card exchange. I'm up for sending anywhere, but as a USian have no input on Euro only (except to say I'd be willing to send only to some Euro addresses if the Euro only group is requested but needs beefing up - the sending is my favorite bit anway). Thanks needlegrrl!
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kbar1 - yes, if you put that in the special request section, I can do that. :) We normally have more US people participating in any case.

Lawn Beaver - not xmas specific at all! I typically send more generic winter holiday cards, but I've gotten all kinds - including New Year cards!
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I am about equally divided between loving the winter holidays' card exchange and worried that I have no extra bandwidth for it. I guess I'll decide in the next few weeks, but either way, thanks for organizing it.
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I love the card exchange as well so please count me in again this year. I've already started looking for cards in anticipation. I love getting cards and sending the cards. Count me in too!! Thank you for organizing again this year!!
posted by googlebombed at 3:05 AM on October 27

I'm down for this.
posted by Gorgik at 5:03 AM on October 27

I'm in for sending cards.
posted by wicked_sassy at 6:37 AM on October 27

I'm in for the fun this year.
posted by theBigRedKittyPurrs at 7:20 AM on October 27

I've never done this but would like to join this year! A fun way to send out some cards and support the USPS too.
posted by Twicketface at 9:08 AM on October 27

I'm in for anywhere, and the earlier signup is fine!
posted by gudrun at 1:18 PM on October 27

-We don't have a specific timeline on when you need to have your cards sent out by, just whenever you can.

One year I really enjoyed getting a card in like, late February. Made my day!
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I am down for this - thank you for organizing!!

I like the option of # of cards, depending upon how many people sign up. I would likely just pick 10, but 15 and 20 seem other good categories. 30 feels like a lot.
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I had a plan for a card I was going to make for the swap this year, then I found one for sale that was extremely similar, so I bought 10. I'm ready! Or I will be when they are delivered...
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Yes please! Dates look fine to me, happy to send cards anywhere if the recipients don't mind waiting on our horrendously slow mail.
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The mail coming out of Australia is jacked UP. Even express international takes more than two weeks. For those of us in distant lands, can we get the list earlier? Otherwise, I am all in. I have so much Santa Australia flair to shove at people.
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I’m totally in.
posted by holborne at 4:47 PM on October 28

I'm in again too.
posted by thivaia at 6:00 PM on October 28

I'm up for this.
posted by introp at 6:46 AM on October 29

Yes, this is something that I'd like.
posted by HFSH at 8:23 AM on October 29

Si, por favor! :)
posted by Orange Dinosaur Slide at 8:57 AM on October 29

I'm in!
posted by firei at 1:10 PM on October 29

can confirm
posted by scruss at 1:52 PM on October 29

jilloftrades - it can be difficult to split up the numbers other than in groups of ten, since that's the base. but if someone wants to do more than 10 but less than 20, that can be added into the notes, in case something comes up! (aka I mess up and need someone to fill in somewhere. :) or more people want 15!)

jadepearl - I should be able to pull the information on 11/14 and get an earlier international list out a week earlier. I probably can't get it out any earlier than that, but maybe that will help a little!
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Woo, I'm in! I can help out if you need , too.
posted by Sparky Buttons at 3:16 PM on October 29 [2 favorites]

Hooray! I was hoping this was happening this year. Count me in!
posted by bookrach at 5:30 PM on October 29

I always enjoy your winter card exchange!
posted by mochapickle at 8:15 PM on October 29 [3 favorites]

I'm in, if there's a Europe only group!
posted by Karmeliet at 5:07 AM on October 30

I am in for Anywhere! I loved getting a card from sunny Australia when it was cold and snowy here!
posted by jillithd at 9:24 AM on October 30

Yes, please. Both for US and Anywhere.
posted by Atrahasis at 5:40 PM on October 30

I am in and not at all bothered by potential delays. I’d be thrilled to get a card whenever it might arrive!
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Hooray! (I’m in :)
posted by rip at 9:26 PM on October 30

I'm in. Whenever, wherever.
posted by The corpse in the library at 8:38 PM on October 31

I'm in! I did this the last two years and really loved getting so many cards. Thanks for organizing!
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I'm in! I'll be choosing Anywhere, as usual.
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I'm in! I'll send cards anywhere in the world.
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The form is open, and a new metatalk will be posted once it goes through the queue (I didn't even think about the fact that trying to post one today would be hard on the mods - I am so sorry!)

Here is the link!
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