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It’s December! Don’t ask me how that happened, because I have absolutely no idea. We’re plugging on towards the end of the year somehow anyway!

  • The pronoun field change has gone through. The old pronoun/gender field has been removed, and a new field for pronouns has been put in place. You can read more about it here. We had originally hoped to have a one-time pop-up ready so that everyone could be alerted to the change, but given the current situation, we decided to push through the changes that were ready. There will probably be a pop-up in the future, and if you update your profile now, you will be able to dismiss the pop-up with a sense of smug superiority!
  • Due to COVID-related childcare reasons, development is going to be limited to maintenance and urgent bugfixing probably for the rest of the year. We recognize this is not ideal and we are grateful for your understanding.
  • The Metafilter New Years Gala is on!
  • The Mefi Mall is back! Actually it never left, we’ve just added more inroads to it. If you have things for sale that you can put in the mail, add it to the Mall. If you see dead links in there (not everyone maybe knows they are still in the Mall) let us know.

Advisory Board
  • The next BIPOC Advisory Board Meeting will take place after the New Year.
  • We are paying an honorarium per meeting for each board member, and we welcome funding for it! If you want to help with this, you can do that via the Funding Page. Just send a message via the Contact Form or to and let us know to earmark your contribution for that purpose.
  • If any POC are interested in participating in the board or receiving meeting notes regularly, please email
Stay safe everyone! The next update will be posted on 12/18.
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