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Back in August, I made a post about how we were going to tackle Secret Quonsar in 2020 -- and we wound up talking about the name of the swap itself, as well. If you participated in the swap this year, you should have received an email this morning with a link to a Google poll with some options. I wanted to make a MetaTalk as space to discuss pros/cons of various options.

If you didn't participate in the swap but you want to join in the renaming, you can memail me and I'll send you the link.

From the poll:

General guidelines:

* No real-world holidays or associated references (Christmas is out, and thus Santa is out, for instance)
* No pop-culture references (Festivus)
* No real people (either real names or usernames)
* Be mindful of potential pitfalls (Secret Beans is cool, but also "Beaner" is a slur in American English) -- a potential pitfall isn't a dealbreaker, but we'll all need to be on the same page about it

If there aren't many responses, we'll probably just stick with the generic "Secret Gift Swap" or some similar variant. Poll will be available til January 18!
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mailer fete is an anagram of metafilter. mailer is something you mail, and a fete is a day of celebration.

I haven't and don't participate but I just wanted to offer this.
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Eh, correction, almost an anagram.
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Sadly Mailer Fett won't work, as it's a pop culture reference/real person.

Here are some alternate anagram names that might work:

Falter Time
Fetal Remit
Meat Trifle
Matt Relief (alas, disqualified)
A Flirt Meet
Flare 'em Tit
I Flatter Me
After I Melt
If met, Alert
Far Lit Meet
Mr. Teat Life

None of these are in the least bit helpful but I have a soft spot in the my skull for anagrams.
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I liked Decemberance.
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Sadly Mailer Fett won't work

They didn't say Mailer Fett, though, they said Mailer Fete, like the French for "party".
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Team Lifter?
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They didn't say Mailer Fett, though, they said Mailer Fete, like the French for "party".

Yes, but "Mailer Fete" has one more E and one less T than "Metafilter" so while it's a good name it's a bad anagram. Mailer Fett has the right assortment of letters, but makes no sense and is Boba Fett's estranged uncle.
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We live in an age of lost E's, so I don't think it's a problem. See also, Tumblr and the sort.

Mailr Fete, problem solved.
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(the other T is silent)

(or, the other T is the friends we had all along)
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The other T is when the gifts carried you.
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Silent T.
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I don't have a name suggestion, (although there are some good ones here), but just wanted to say that my gift was the bright spot of my Christmas Day, IN ADDITION TO being a book that I'd been queueing for at the library for months! It was delightful to have a nice wrapped present to admire in the weeks before, as well. My own mailing was shamefully late, but the recipient sent a nice note saying that I hit their desires well, so happiness all around. This will definitely be an annual tradition for me. Thank you, MetaFilter.
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I completed the survey but also want to comment here regarding the concept of a secret gifter. I think the option of identifying yourself or gifting anonymously should be explained in the instructions. But calling the exchange Secret Something or Other means it should be anonymous, and I like knowing who sent my gifts (or cookies, or cards). For me, it’s a way to get to know the MeFi community. When I see a post or comment from mostly vowels, tipsyBumblebee, DingoMutt, mochapickle, cabin fever, and many others, I feel a very real connection because I received something from them.
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This might turn into one of those "You call it a what?!" threads, in which case I apologize in advance, but: in my particular experience participating in similar exchanges in various parts of the US for the past 30+ years, the "secret" part of (for example) Secret Santa has never meant it stays secret forever--only that it's secret until you receive the gift.

This clearly isn't universal, given the most recent comment and the fact that I have gotten a couple Metafilter gifts from folks who preferred not to identify themselves. But the majority of the time, here and in work, family, and Those Other Websites exchanges, the normal has been that you don't know who drew you until it is revealed at the time of gifting.

So to me, liking (preferring, even!) when my gifter identifies themselves does not invalidate any of the options that include "secret" in the same.
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(If you got something anonymously that was really perfect and seemingly too expensive and made you think the world isn't such a bad place, I was probably your secret gifter. I mean, I really don't see how it could have been anyone else.)

The thing I liked about the old name was it was weird and unique. I don't miss giving up the specific name, but I kinda miss that aspect of it. But not enough to stomp off to my room and slam the door.
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Giftfilter is a great name, but only if the mascot is a fish.

Giftfilter Fish.
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In an age of gift cards, it seems important that the gift exchange involves sending a physical thing through the old fashioned mail service. A behaviorist observer might call it something like a Reciprocal Postal Event.
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You've Got MetaGift.
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I have no idea how these people got their gifts wedged into their postboxes, or why.
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Professional White Background Elephant?
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Presents Participle
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The Great Enswapening
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New Year's Gift Giving
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That Thing We Do In November TTWDIN

Reciprocal Postal Event is pretty good.
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I think we've been too quick to dismiss Meat Trifle.
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Or Trifle Team.
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Alternately, "The Annual Metafilter Gift Swap" is a perfectly fine name. Descriptive, self-explanatory, and succinct.
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If TAMFGS, the official logo could be like a scottish hat with a fig where the pom-pom would be. The plaid would be based on the various mefi colours, with the stripe width for each colour proportional to the amount of activity on the corresponding subsite.

Yes, keep it simple.
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Hey and the fig hats could be added to the available Mefi merchandise. I think the only open question at this point is whether the fig should be fresh or dried.
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Just to make things weird, I suggest picking a vaguely similar pair of nonsense words and swapping the title in rotation every year to keep everyone guessing: sacred Pon Farr, secrete moisture, severed mobster, effete porn star, high street keytar, vetted foster, suspect snack bar, elite wine bar, depleted dog star, accreted quasar, sulfide cinnabar. . .

(I voted in the poll, so don't count this - but, with less absurdity, the straightforward and description sounds like the right choice. The pony is also tempting.)
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The MetaFilter gift swap. No inside jokes or made up words that need to be explained to new participants or that could fall out of favor when times change.
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I'm not going to vote in the poll because Google. But I like GiftMeFi or SurpriseMeFi.
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Pony Express
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Another vote for Metafilter Gift Swap with no inside jokes or things that need explaining or exclude newcomers. I've voted in the survey to that effect but just commenting in support here too!

GiftMe seems a good alternative for those who really want something a bit less utilitarian.
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I have no opinion about this but I miss quonsar and their hyperboloid shenanigans.

Vote #1 quidnunc kid!
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I'm normally all for using the -Me suffix but "GiftMe" sounds too much like a demand imo. The focus should be on giving, or at least swapping.
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Isn't Me- more commonly a prefix rather than a suffix? MeGift or MeGive?
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No, we have AskMe with the suffix.
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Could be easily expanded to "the JoyUs gift exchange" or whatever. GiftMe and similar leaves out a lot of the community pleasure for me, of people talking together about the swap, sharing cool things, etc.
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.....I like "JoyUs" a lot.
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I think it's hilarious that Quonsar, like Saint Nick, has moved to the realm of the mythical now. Seems like only yesterday he was constantly commenting about having a fish in his pants.

Which is why I love the idea of the GiftFilter Fish, and the connected tradition of hanging your pants by the chimney.
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I wish I’d thought of this when we did the original call for names, but:

The Metafilter End-Of-Year Wrap Up 🎁
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Solstitial Whatever
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So! With 149 responses, the top 3 were:

MetaFilter Secret Gift Swap -- 63
Secret Beans -- 60
Secret Pony -- 40

Going forward, we'll just use MetaFilter Secret Gift Swap. =) Thanks to everyone who voted and offered comments or suggestions.
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In my heart, it’ll always be GiftFilter.
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I think it's hilarious that Quonsar, like Saint Nick, has moved to the realm of the mythical now

like removing the manger scene, in the manger scene from the dude who was in the manger but nowhere to be seen.

Vote up for GiFtFilter.
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I agree that the in-joke-free version is probably best, and am happy that's what won.

But in my secret heart of hearts I wanted it to be Pony Express as soon as sciencegeek suggested it, and I can't believe that didn't even make the top three.
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MetaFilter Secret Gift Swap

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