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Now it really feels like a happy new year, doesn’t it? It’s been an intense couple of weeks around here and we appreciate everyone hanging in there. Onward and upward!

  • After some discussion of accessibility issues with very small text, we’ve committed to update the site’s code to prevent nested small tags from producing unreadable small text in comments and posts. We’re also using that thread as a reference for other potential inclusive design improvements, so feel free to add thoughts and suggestions.
  • The Google Maps problem on IRL and Jobs remains a known issue. We’re continuing to work to resolve it.
  • Unfortunately, our development bandwidth is likely to remain limited for a while longer, so larger projects will remain on hold, and we’re focused on taking care of urgent bugfixes. We’ll update when we can get back to our larger list of projects.
  • adrianhon has posted a thoughtful MeTa about posting more and reducing the friction for posters. Join the conversation.
  • The Mefite Kiva team has posted a call to action.
  • Social mores shift fast on the internet - Mitheral has posted a discussion about the etiquette around linking individuals’ social media pages here.
  • If you missed it, we have new merch! Check it all out here.

Advisory Board
  • The next BIPOC Advisory Board Meeting is in the process of being scheduled.
  • If any POC are interested in participating in the board or receiving meeting notes regularly, please email
Thanks everyone! The next site update will be posted on 2/5.
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