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There was a post on Metafilter about types of errors (maybe in response to an Ask? Although perhaps I found it in a reply to a post like this one, on MeTa?) and it had a taxonomy of errors relating to whether people would remember the error in 100 yrs time, whether it would leave a permanent mark in the fossil record, etc. I found it both funny and useful and find myself thinking of it often, but I've tried to search for it various times without luck. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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I know the comment you're talking about but I'm darned if I know how to search for it. The commenter envisioned a hierarchy of errors based on which academic discipline would be responsible for it - journalism (did it make the papers?) history (will it be in the history books?) anthropology (referenced in human artifacts?) paleontology (in the fossil record?) astronomy (did it destroy a celestial body?) cosmology (did it destroy the [previous] universe?)
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Here it is, the FishBike scale of Big Mistakes!
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Thank you so much, it’s even better than I remembered it. Thank you!!
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Sorry, a bit of a tangent but I'm reminded of the actor who was somehow immortalized for mispronouncing a word:

Every Greek scholar knows the celebrated lapsus linguae committed by the tragic actor Hegelochus at the Great Dionysia of 408 B.C. ...
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I like Daily Alice's extrapolation to cosmology!
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