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We’re easing into February now, in what has felt like a remarkably...uneventful couple of weeks? Relatively speaking, at least. Not a lot of new site stuff to report, in any case.

- After a break while we did the Gala livestream at the start of the year, the first MetaFilter podcast episode in a couple months is out, with a roundup of interesting posts since early December and misc. chatter.
- Speaking of the gala, the prizes went in the mail a couple weeks back and have hopefully found their way through the mail to our various trivia participants.
- The chaotic period from election day through the inauguration has understandably seen some very busy megathread-type politics threads on the front page. That seems to be naturally winding down already, but the mod team may do some extra nudging if necessary to get the site back to normal "one topic, one focused post" territory as the month continues.
- We continue to have new shirts and stickers and magnets!

- We’ve resolved the Google Maps API problem on Jobs and IRL for now: those maps are no longer on either page. The product change by Google isn’t trivially resolvable, so we’ll just do without those widgets.
- What was for a long time the #potus45 tag on the US Politics sidebar on the front page is now just a #uspolitics tag. Continuing good riddance.
- Development bandwidth remains limited and focused on taking care of urgent bugfixes and very simple changes. We’ll update when we can get back to our larger list of projects.

Advisory Board
- The next BIPOC Advisory Board Meeting is in the process of being scheduled.

Thanks everyone! The next site update will be posted on 2/19.
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