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Not a lot of site news this update, though we’ve been laying groundwork for upcoming stuff and have checked off a few lingering items from the last while.

- The microaggressions page has been updated to include the suggested additions of language about trans folks and names, as discussed in the last update.
- Privacy policy work continues; last week’s meeting with the legal folks was good and they’re helping refine the draft based on our feedback about the site’s specific culture and expectations.
- Since we’ve been talking about small text and readability lately, a couple site functionality reminders about small text that may be helpful for some folks: (1) the Modern theme defaults to a larger font size (for both regular and small/byline text) than Classic does, so you may find that easier on the eyes in general. (2) If you are using the Classic theme, you can adjust font size for body and small text in Preferences directly if the default is hard to read.

- IRL Online meetups should now be appearing in the meetups sidebar on Metatalk.
- Nested small tags will no longer render unreadably tiny text on MetaFilter. This isn’t a change to which tags are allowed—you can technically still put a small tag inside of another, ad infinitesimum—but rather a change to the site’s CSS styling. If you notice related issues or spots where it’s not working, please let us know at the contact form. This style change should affect comments and posts in the archives retroactively.
- We’re still nailing down a good approach to modifying mod comment display style to make mod comments (a) more visible at a skim and (b) not dependent on small text formatting. Doing this in a future-proofed way will take some additional development so we don’t have a timeline for it.
- The mod team did a training session with frimble last week to get everyone up to speed with basic editing of site text files on our staging server; this’ll let us get writing-centric changes (but not dev/coding tasks) done a little quicker by offloading most of that work to mods to do directly instead of requiring frimble to be hands on with text changes, as in the microaggressions change above.
- We’ve got Jessamyn’s staff tag once again reading “staff” instead of “retired”, since she’s clearly somewhat unretired at this point.

Thanks for reading! As always, you can reach out at the contact form if you have any questions.

Also, a note on update scheduling: we’re moving future updates to Mondays instead of Fridays, to better fit with our usual Sunday team meeting schedule. We’ll continue to do these every two weeks, but the next one will be Monday, 3/15. Watch out for those Ides, everybody.
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