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For the past nine weeks, I've been eagerly looking forward to reading and discussing WandaVision episodes with y'all and it's been the most fun I've had on the site in while. Tons of insight, jokes, links, backstory and viewpoints in lowkey, yet engaging way. Thank you so much!
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Seconded! Amazing series, amazing discussions, looking forward to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with you all! And with Disney+ airing at international times, I can watch at the same time as everyone else!
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100% agree!
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Also agreed! FanFare is one of the greatest parts of the site and it's significantly added to just about anything we've watched over the last few years.
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I prefer shows released weekly to shows dropped all at once in general but even more so with WandaVision, and the discussion and speculation on FanFare has been a big part of that.

MetaFilter works best for me when it’s more “a place for enthusiasts to be enthusiastic” and less “a place to be mad at things and each other”, so following the WandaVision threads has been one of my favorite uses for the site in what feels like a while.
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I'm not even watching WandaVision and the WandaVision threads have been a lot of fun to follow!
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I held off on watching WandaVision because my wife likes to wait until the whole series is out, so reading the threads helped satisfy my aching desire. Plus, now I'm fully equipped to answer all her questions as we watch the show together.
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100%. Haven't had time to engage much in the threads, but I've been enjoying them immensely. They have made my watching experience even better. Thank you all.
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Agreed! I'm a fan of the movies but barely know the comics, so it's been great getting the context.
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Thanks to Brandon for posting this. I too have been reading all of the FF discussions. I watched all of the MCU movies this past year in their chronological order, and it’s helped me get a more solid handle on WandaVision and the rest of the characters.
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I didn't know so much FF activity was happening around WandaVision, I might have started watching sooner otherwise - after writing a "hey I don't think the default popularity metric works for Fanfare" grumble I did stumble across the Watercooler page, which is basically what I was thinking of as an alternative. I think that deserves its own front-page-of-fanfare link, tbh!
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I skipped down to the bottom of this post without reading the comments to avoid any spoilers, but I wanted to say that the huge number of comments in each FF post about WandaVision is why my spouse and I will be starting the show today!
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The threads were very helpful to me as a person who really enjoyed Wandavision but who has never seen an entire Marvel movie! (I saw 90% of Black Panther but I kept wandering off during the Marvel parts, like why does that one Hobbit crash land in Wakanda for no reason?)
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I had a lot of fun too, hoping for more as the shows continue!
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I also really enjoyed it! I have a lot of nerd friends that I've chatted about the show with, but I found the Fanfare discussions to be really thoughtful and interesting, and even when people disagreed, I appreciated it didn't degrade into arguments. I've been on the internet and in nerd spaces on the internet for a really long time so I know that's a pretty rare thing. I really appreciated everyone's insights and it definitely deepened my appreciation of the show.
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Yeppers here too.
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Same here! Also I thought everyone did a great job of bringing in enough comics lore to be interesting without making it spoilerific.
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Truly, it was so much fun to link up with everyone every week and try to figure out wtf was happening now. Really looking forward to the 2 Cap 2 Furious threads. Make Mine Metafilter!
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