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Hi everybody! Spring training is upon us, and baseball season starts in less than 3 weeks! The MetaFilter Fantasy Baseball league is returning for its 16th season. The good news is that this season should be regular-length, and probably not as weird. Join us!

We play on Yahoo. Here is the league page, which you can only see if you're in the league.
There is an invitation link to join the league in my profile.
We currently have 7 teams. It's a rotisserie league, so we can play with an odd number, but in general more is better. The online draft has not been scheduled yet, so if you have a preference let us know.

If you do join the league, please try to show up and play out the season.

Last season was weird. Among other things, we learned that Yahoo rolls over to the next day at 2 am Central time, in case you needed to set an alarm to wake up before your rival to pick up wave after wave of starting pitchers to throw in your lineup <---- YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO DO THIS THIS SEASON.
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I know nothing at all about baseball, but hey, why not. I have more brainpower than I did to pay attention to football this year, at least. :/
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Also! It's NCAA basketball tournament time!

Men's tournament challenge: Group name is MetaFilter 2021, password is blue
Women's tournament challenge: Group name is MetaFilter 2021, password is blue

I forgot to set these up before making my post. Games start next Thursday and next Friday, I think. Brackets should be available on Sunday evening for the men, and Monday evening for the women.
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Correct, because I'll have the league locked up by the all star break this time.

Also, there will be an all star break.
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Also, there will be an all star break.

We were watching the Sportscenter "one year ago" retrospective on tournaments etc getting cancelled last year, and man, that was just weird. I didn't realize there were actually ball games called in play.
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