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There’s an entry for Board Game Arena in the Social Stuffs section of the MetaFilter Wiki, which means that it will be eventually added to the Social Explorer and we will be able to add icons to our profiles (if so inclined), but in the meantimes there’s now a little community on BGA if you’re interested in finding other people with whom to play modern board games.
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Hooray! I am there and while I am mostly playing what me and not_on_display call "the climbing game" and "the carpet game" and "that funny clover game" I am often up for learning new stuff in a turn-based kind of way.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 6:01 PM on March 23, 2021

Joined! My usual games are Carcassone, Puerto Rico, Hearts, and Alhambra, but I’m up for learning other things.
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I have been going very hard w/ Terra Mystica, although I have a fairly weak grasp of what’s going on.
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I'm in! Games I play on BGA include Seven Wonders, 6 Nimmt, Race (and Roll) for the Galaxy, Tokaido, Kingdomino, and Sushi Go. The most complicated game I've played on the platform is Tzolkin, and I think I'd be better at it if I'd learned it IRL first.
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I've really enjoyed playing on BGA with my friend group during the pandemic. I don't think I have any additional time to devote to games right now, but I joined the group in case that changes in the future.
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Well, I just found out that I've had an account there for 3 years that I've never actually used. Joined!
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I had no idea about BGA but I've joined both the site and its MeFi community now.
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I've mainly been playing the Ruhr, Blue Skies, and the alpha of Beyond the Sun turn based. Live it's mainly been Race, with some yahtzee and cribbage witih my father.

Edit: Oh I've been playing a little Paris Connection too, nice little fun one.
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So when this post went up last night I was playing a game of Potion Explosion against a couple friends. Would be happy to join in with some MeFites.

Race for the Galaxy, Seven Wonders, Sushi Go, "the carpet game" (assuming it's Marrakesh) are other fun ones for me. Played Northwest Passage once and liked it. Done some of the more complicated ones IRL but haven't tried them on BGA.
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I’m super shy with strangers but at the same time, *love* board games and making new friends to play games with, so I’m being brave and joining! I’ve been using BGA to learn new games mostly and have already been introduced to Tash Kalar, Rallyman, Eruption, Saboteur. Have played lots of Carcassone, Race for the Galaxy, Seven Wonders...
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n_o_d and I are all in on "the bird game" now which is another simple one. I'm really curious about Concept and Letter Tycoon so if someone wants to learn those along with me (in a turn-based, no pressure sort of way) feel free to invite me.
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I play way too much Lost Cities (which is about 95% luck, drives me bonkers as a result, but I keep coming back) and Jaipur, which is probably about...50% luck?

Otherwise: Race for the Galaxy, Gygès (though that I typically only play that turn-based, since it takes me up to ten minutes to make a move), Sushi Go, Battle Sheep, Targi, Takenoko, Carcassonne, Hive...

Most games I sport a middling rating; I think I'm currently a "ranked" player at Gygès (11th?) and am "strong" at Jaipur and Carcassonne.

Would like to start playing Cribbage, but haven't played in years. Ping me if I'm live on the site, I'm probably playing Lost Cities (why??) and would be happy to play y'all at one of the above. Also happy to play turn-based games with intervals of one-to-four moves per day.
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maxwelton, if you need Cribbage practice, there's always Cribbage with Grandpas.
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Time to start a game, I think - been letting down my end of things! I've never played Race For The Galaxy, but a few folks mention it. We could also go with some classic card game stuff too.
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I made some games! I've been told people didn't see the announcements in the group (shame on you, BGA), but they are there! If other folks want to start something, they should go for it too.
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I've been playing a few games, Letter Tycoon especially. I'm not sure how to find tables for our group, is there a trick to it? Also I found all 20 eggs and would like to briefly brag.
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