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Sort of hard to believe that big boat got stuck in the Suez Canal and then unstuck again all since the last update, but life is a rich tapestry indeed. Quick update this time in any case.

- I’ve updated a couple spots where the old address was still mentioned despite it being out of use at this point; general reminder that the contact form is the best way to get ahold of a mod quickly, and if you need to email that directly the current address attached is .
- Privacy policy work continues to continue, getting closer to a workable public document for the site.
- thyme is continuing to work on scheduling for the next Advisory board meeting, more when there's more.

- The metatag issue mentioned last time is now fixed, so the site should be consistently providing https versions of canonical urls to inquiring search engines and other such robots from now on.
- Mod comment styling revamp continues, with frimble planning to put together a proper test for the team to review this week.

Thanks for reading! As always, you can reach out at the contact form if you have any questions.
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