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Is anyone working on a Year 1 blaseball post? I started to work on a Garages update (THIRTY ALBUMS) and got wondering if there was interest in collaborating on a post (or two?) sharing the works that have come out of the cultural event we've been participating in. The game itself is fairly ephemeral, but we've got SIBR archives, fan art and music, the Anchor's summaries, etc we can link to.
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The closest thing I had in mind was keeping an eye on the Garages' 1 year anniversary reveal/announcement coming up on the 5th (and then possibly building something from there), I'm very into a Year 1 post but my perspective's been very musically-focused so getting more people in on the SIBR & fan-art sides could be neat.

There's a lot of meat there, in community management, how the era ended, the storytelling, etc.
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I would like to see one, if only because I got completely lost trying to figure out what was going on the last couple of weeks (which I now understand was on purpose, but still)…
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I feel like the Garages could use its own post, and I know you're more plugged in (har), CrystalDave, so if you wanna tackle that one that's great. :)
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I would absolutely love to see a million blaseball posts are at least 1-2. I fell off active involvement after the Grand Siesta so am not really feeling prepared to do any sort of retrospective justice, but I will be there in the comments for dang sure.
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Absolutely I wanna see this post! I have stayed caught up ( caught up) but don't have the time right now to contribute much. Although I really should at least post a comment in my Projects thread with a link to our second zine.
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Here we go. I avoided getting into stuff like the excellent VentureBeat 1-year article or general "here's what's gone on in the game-year", figuring there's enough there just to focus on what the Garages have been up to (and then someone else can get into all the neat stuff that's gone on beyond them)

I said I was waiting for an upcoming announcement, but with Bandcamp announcing they were bringing Bandcamp Friday back I figured it was probably better to get it up now & if we're lucky I'll be able to have a surprise update comment later on.
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