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How'd you do? A continuation of this Meta.
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I only have one square left to fill and it’s been so much fun reading outside my normal rut! Most have been books I never would have tried, and while they haven’t become new favorites, they’ve sure expanded my horizons and taught me so much. This has been a fantastic project. Thanks to everyone here who made recommendations.

My one remaining square is Recommended by a Local Bookseller. Frankly, I’m lucky to even have a local bookseller in this rural town of 1,392. But her recommendation of The God Particle is just not happening. By sheer force of will I have dragged myself to page 58 of 410, and that mostly by skimming. I’m going to run out of time! And I don’t know how to tell her the book she’s so excited about is worse than a telephone book.

How in the world can I fake the local bookseller category? Can one of you pretend to be local and recommend something?
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August IndieNext List?
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For recommended by a local bookseller, Jenny Lawson's bookstore has an Insta that posts recommendations regularly. Powell's is sort of weak on their Internet game and their website can be a nightmare but they do have picks of the month.
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Thank you!
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By sheer force of will I have dragged myself to page 58 of 410, and that mostly by skimming.

From my perspective this totally counts as a book read.
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For recommended by a local bookseller

From Aaron's Books (Lititz, Pa.): Alex's Modern Fantasy and Sci-Fi Picks; Alexis' Parenting Picks; Emily's YA Picks; Sam's Cozy Mystery Picks; Bud's History & Fiction Picks.
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I read enough to get several bingos on my board, but didn't try for a blackout because the library wouldn't say what the prizes even were for that. I admit I had more fun stretching categories to fit books that I read than in trying new things, but I do read most genres already and read a ton, so I'm feeling okay about that.
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I only managed one bingo, but I'm going to keep going until I have a blackout. Seasons aren't the boss of me, and I like having the woodland critters from the bingo board art on my fridge.
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