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Since we've gone all the way from SF to Tokyo, it's time to set a new goal. This thread is a place to brainstorm where we would like to go to next. Start at Tokyo and go from there? Go around the equator? Pick two new places?

There are some ideas in the first thread.
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I’ve always dreamed about traveling the length of the Americas, north to south. There’s that bit south of Panama where there is no road, but that’s not a problem for us.
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Tokyo to the North Pole?

Trans Siberian Railway route (Moscow to Vladivostok)?

Royal Road of the Persian Empire (Susa to Izmir/Smyrna)?
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The length of the continent of Africa (5000 miles)
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Keep going west to Mecca?
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North to Vladivostok and then follow the Trans Siberian Railroad to Paris.
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What about a few different historical trade routes? The silk road, the tea horse road, etc..
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This is a cool idea. I've wanted to join in before but have kind of been waiting for a new goal to start up.

I will walk wherever you all shall go.
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What should I do with all of the hours that I have yet to log? Do I need to trash them or can I add them to the new goal? And since I picked Japan, whatever y’all decide for the next goal is just fine with me. Thanks to all for the journey, especially our leader aniola.
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I just started the irl threads. This belongs to everyone.

I think the next destination should be North to Vladivostok and then follow the Trans Siberian Railroad to visit Bella Donna in Sweden.
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And in case anyone else is reading and hadn't been joining in: start any time. It's a relay!
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I'll start an IRL thread to Vladivostok. The next person can pick the next destination.

It might take me a few days to get a Google sheet set up, so remember those hours.
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If you do Vladivostok, then you could do the trans-Siberian as suggested by a couple of people, but perhaps only to Moscow, then continuing the rail theme, use the Ticket to Ride Europe route from Moscow to Stockholm, destination as suggested above by aniola. The Ticket to Ride map then gives you a direct route to Paris, as suggested by sammyo.
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Nice idea biffa!!

Here's the event!
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And take 2 on the event. :) I'm still learning how IRL works.
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