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Today is my platinum anniversary on MeFi!

Twenty years ago I found this in unique place of rational, caring, interesting people. Love you all!
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I wonder how long I've been a member .... checks profile .... Oh, oh my ...
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Oh my, now that I think about it, today is my 20 year anniversary too!
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Ha, you beat me by one day! It's hard to even remember who I was twenty years ago, but I know that who I am today has been in some respects shaped by being a part of this community (albeit a quiet and reclusive one). Happy 20th to both all three of us!
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And as I recall, I came here via a Salon article that touted MetaFilter as having the best online coverage on the attack on the World Trade Center on the day of September 11th, 2001. Said article is now impossible to find these days.
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Also, traditionally the 20th year wedding anniversary was China as in dishes with the 50th year anniversary being Golden. Which makes far more sense as by the ounce platinum is worth far more than gold.
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But nobody's entertaining these days; who would the china be for?

(Congrats, signal!)
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Saint Basil
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Hey, he was an ascetic - he can darn well eat off the melamine like the rest of us!
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Platinum? Hell it damn near etc.
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Big hugs signal.
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And you have been a signal contributor since day one!

As well as absolutely outstanding, of course.

Congratulations to us, really, since we got the best of that deal by far!
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From my single digit via Samsung S10 explorations, it seems that thirty odd people signed up on 09/19/01. The bulk of those members went on to contribute zip with 0 posts and 0 comments in any category. Signal and I may be the only ones currently active.

Now I wonder what the usual number of sign ups per day was prior pre to 9/11.

On a related note, I miss Tarrama of Tasmania.
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Welcome to the 20-Year Club, signal and y2karl! Your smoking jakcets and fezzes will be winging their way to you just as soon as you send in your measurements!
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Thanks everyone! y2karl, happy to share the date with you!
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Looks like my 20 year anniversary was yesterday. I’d been lurking for a while though.
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20 years is a new keyboard and a key to the Cardoso lounge.
congrats and here's to another 20 years.
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Bizarre coincidence, today is my 6,150 days anniversary! Sychronicity or serendipity?
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Happy anniversary, signal. Something about the signal to noise ratio being great.
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20 years same as in town?
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Happy anniversary signal!
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Congratulations :D
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I have some connection to Chile and thought by now I'd've tried for a local meetup in Vina or that cool artsy area near the base of San Cristóbal, if I remember right. Good that Chile is continuing steady vaccinations, maybe a visit it a few years.
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Let me know when you're around. That cool artsy area is called Bellavista, BTW.
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Congrats signal!

Looks like mine was last month.
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It’s approximately my 20th lurkiversary, though looks like I didn’t join till Aug 2002. While I only pop in every few months these days, it warms my heart every time to see names from those days (just last night there was an “oh GOOD, y2karl is still here!”). There’s something big to be said for continuity.

Congratulations and thanks for 20 years of awesomeness, all of you!
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Congrats! Mine is coming up in less than two weeks. I think I found out about MetaFilter through that same Salon article, although I lurked for a few weeks before signing up.
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...as I recall, I came here via a Salon article that touted MetaFilter as having the best online coverage on the attack on the World Trade Center...

That article is still beyond my reach but I did find a reference to it in Rogers Cadenhead's review of Salon cofounder Scott Rosenberg's book Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It's Becoming, and Why It Matters wherein he quotes Rosenberg:
At 8:58 a.m., Metafilter, a popular group blog, posted a link to a one-line news bulletin on the front page of the CNN web site, but CNN did not yet have a full story posted.
Interestingly enough, Karen, the poster of the famous 9/11 thread is technically still a member although silent here for 16 or so years.

And, oh the names in that thread -- y6y6y6, rebeccablood, stavrosthewonderchicken to name but a few: all silent now ...and then ColdChef, who is still with us. Will wonders never cease...
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The bulk of those members went on to contribute zip with 0 posts and 0 comments in any category.

I think mathowie explained that back in the day, a user number was allocated when someone began the signup process, and if they didn't complete the signup it was just a zombie forever.
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Then how many zombies are there?
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1500 to 3,000 something like that then the paywall went up which meant less supply runs. supposedly they don't bite and are stuck in some sort of photonic mud.
the real question is, what to do if they come alive and start posting or commenting or doing a project.
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perhaps as high as 9000.
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Congratulations! This post made me go check, and it turns out *today* is my FURNITURE anniversary on MetaFilter.
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happy davenports, oneirodynia
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Congrats, noob
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