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I'm trying to find an article (or comment?) that I think I saw on metafilter.

Years ago I believe i read a linked article, or possibly a comment, somewhere here. It was about reconceptualizing the way you think of possessions to consider the whole consumer economy a giant lending library that will send you anything you want for a small fee. The article/comment described how thinking this way makes it easier to get rid of things because you appreciate how replaceable they are.

Searching has totally failed me. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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It was a comment, I love being reminded of it, thank you.

Here’s the comment by Pastabagel.

FYI, that was really, really hard to do on a phone!
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That’s a good question! Answers include a link to a somewhat-related strip from Qwantz Dinosaur Comics.
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Mod note: Turned that into a live link for you, iamkimiam.
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iamkimiam, that's the comment! Thank you so much!
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I think of this comment all the time. In the all time rankings of MeFi comments that live in my head rent-free it's #1 Ask vs Guess, #2 I Already Own All The Things.
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