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We're going to have a show of MST episodes and assorted other things and movies in the MST Club room at this Halloween, beginning "officially" at 6 PM Eastern. It's kind of a preview of Turkey Day (which we traditionally try to get the stream in the room for us to watch together) and our annual Christmas Marathon. You can help us pick which episodes to watch with this Google Forms poll.

We'll try to have some things for folk who arrive early, but as always at MST Club it's "no stress." No one expects anyone to show up, or not. Feel free to invite or tell friends if you like.
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Let's Scare Jessica to Death. is not on this list but said list submitted. I like the grainy lighting and gas lighting vampires. The hand grasping air at the crescendo is the model Mise en scène of this 70s horror flick.
-Eugene Porter.
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The list is of MST3K episodes. We are considering other kinds of things. but since we are MST Club and know we can provide almost anything MST related that is what the poll is focusing on. We are considering a quasi-theme of spoopiness for the evening, but we're trying to keep things open.
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Great list. I only drop in now and then (time zones! Bleah!) but it’s always a fun time. Thanks to all who organize this— MST3K marathons really make any holiday that much better.
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I probably can't participate since I will be on a train most of Halloween evening, but thanks for reminding me that the Thanksgiving and Christmas marathons are coming!
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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, as dress-up is pretty much what I've done my whole life. After ending up in New York, I would take my young daughters out Trick-Or-Treating in the cold, rainy, NY night. Then we would come home, and I built up a traditional playlist of movies.

I like scary movies, but I don't watch too many of the new ones, because my courage has fallen due to nightmares that need no more feeding. And there was that one year when my wife took the kids out, and I watched Audition alone. The movies in my Halloween folder are:

The Bride of Frankenstein
The Raven
Young Frankenstein

James Whale was a genius, in my estimation, and both the first two Frankenstein movies changed the way movies were made in the same way that Spielberg and Lucas changed things.

The Raven is just a big MST3k fest even without the riffing, and Young Frankenstein is comic genius, especially after you've watched the first two on the list.

They're not that scary really, but it's what I watch. Sometimes we throw in Rocky Horror, or Murder By Death.

See you Sunday.
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Of course you know we all love Young Frankenstein at MST Club. The only problem is time: at over an hour thirty per MST episode, we're going to have to choose carefully to fit stuff in the time. This is why the Christmas thingy goes three days.
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We're getting set up now!
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The episodes that came in at the top were
1. Werewolf
2. Zombie Nightmare
3. The Final Sacrifice
4 (tie): Manos: The Hands of Fate and Beast of Yucca Flats

We watched Final Sacrifice first while waiting for people to come in, we've moved on to Werewolf now. Don't know if we'll get to one of the tied items, we have some other things to watch too, but we'll see.
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Thanks for coming by everyone! We watched:
- The Final Sacrifice
- Werewolf
- Zombie Nightmare
- Manos: The Hands of Fate
Also, the two Far Side specials, the Grinch special, and the "Koopastein" episode of the Super Mario Bros. cartoon.

We plan on doing something similar for Thanksgiving, as we usually do for Turkey Day, piping the YouTube stream into our video room so we can communicate with each other without having to wade through the comments of a thousand MSTies. And, of course, there's Christmas, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.
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