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The folks who provide the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 stream a day-long series of episodes for folk to watch over Thanksgiving Day, and at that time we in MST Club "traditionally" put the YouTube embed of the stream in our cytube page, in place of our usual weekly show, as a shelter from the official feed chat's overwhelming scroll rate. The show is currently producing a 13th season right now, and it's known they're producing new material for between-episode interstitials this year, and going to announce the episodes for the new season. Assuming nothing goes wrong (it might), all of this takes place at the above link, starting at 9 AM Eastern Time.

I'm sorry for the multiple Talk posts MST Club generates every year. I hope they're seen as appreciated and not just clutter. I'll link to the official pages once they're known.

Eight episodes will be shown this year, and it's known that four of them are:
410 Hercules Against The Moon Men (Italian peplum, this is the infamous "deep hurting" movie for containing a long long sandstorm sequence where you can't see anything happening)
505 The Magic Voyage of Sinbad (crazy and lavish anti-capitalist Russo-Finnish production, it's not really Sinbad BTW but Sadko, a Russian folk hero)
513 The Brain That Wouldn't Die (doctor saves his wife's head from a car accident and keeps it alive in a pan, she's not real happy about it)
816 Prince of Space (impervious space hero for some reason hides on Earth as a bootblack amidst a gang of orphans, and fights the forces of Krankor, who's been described as a cross between Wario and a chicken)
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Man, the official mst3k people (so to speak) sure pulled some bad movies this year. Not that I'm complaining. But yeah, I am.
posted by valkane at 5:13 PM on November 24

But of course, I'll be there. Cuz bad movies are in my blood.
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Ah, I'd mentioned a starting time of noon Eastern in the chat; I was wrong, disregard that!
posted by Pronoiac at 5:42 PM on November 24

Spectacular! Those four titles are already making me happy.

And for what it's worth, your MST3K efforts are always appreciated over here, JHarris.
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a good line up. a russo-finnish Sadko is worth it.

(waves to Pronoiac)
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All the Russo-Finnish MST episodes are great, and the movies would be worth watching even without the efforts of automated mocking machines.
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Been waiting for this post! Yay!!!
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And we're off! First episode is The Brain That Wouldn't Die, with Jan In The Pan.
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JHarris - for those of us who can't watch the whole thing, will you list the season 13 movies as they get announced?
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I will try, I am running on low sleep though and don't know if I'll make it through it all myself
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For the first time in 5 years I'm not going to be holed up alone for the holiday. I will try to at least say hi.

I want y'all to know how much having your company has meant to me over these last few Thanksgivings. Words can't really express how much y'all mean to me.
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I probably say this everytime MST3K shows gets talked about but I actually like all those movies even without the MST guys. Sadly as much as I liked to join this isn't holiday for those north of the border but I hope everybody enjoys it!
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And for what it's worth, your MST3K efforts are always appreciated over here, JHarris.

JHarris really does the Lord's Prince of Space's work with this stuff.

We like it very much!
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Episode 2 was Hercules Against The Moon Men

Episode 3 is... Escape 2000?? That was our episode last week!
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A Season 13 episode title revealed: Santo and the Treasure of Dracula
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I’m stuck on the sofa trying to coax a sick cat to eat. Turkey Day Marathon could not be more welcome. Thanks, JHarris!
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Aww poor kitty!
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Robot Wars: second announced title for next year.
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They're updating this page with teasers for the Season 13 movies (scroll to the bottom) as they're released.
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Beyond Atlantis: Third title announced. With Sid Haig! and Patrick Wayne!
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Munchie is number four of the titles for next season.
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They just announced Munchie, another of the genre of Gremlins knockoffs.
posted by JHarris at 12:12 PM on November 25

Oh man, they're going on tour and at a city about 2 hours from me on Sunday. Hmmmm.
posted by OnTheLastCastle at 12:39 PM on November 25

Movie #5 is Doctor Mordred, an obvious knockoff of Doctor Strange.
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Demon Squad is the next movie announced.
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Then, Gamera vs Jiger, which we knew about before.
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As for tonight's episodes, Gunslinger wrapped up a little while ago, now we're in Avalanche, a Season 11 episode.

The next announced Season 13 episode is The Batwoman.
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Episode 9 of Season 13 is The Million Eyes of Sumaru, another Sax Rohmer movie, and a reprise from the KTMA days!
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Episode 10 is "H.G. Welles' The Shape Of Things To Come," starring Jack Palance!
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The next episode up is The Giant Spider Invasion (of savings at Menard's!)
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Episode 11 is The Mask in 3D (not the Jim Carrey one, an older, black-and-white movie).
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Episode 12 is "The Bubble," which may be a candidate for this season's Manos.
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Wow season 13 looks pretty good. 2 Canadian films - H.G. Wells Shape of Things to Come and The Mask 3D are both fun. From the clip they have on the Kickstarter, it looks like they are using the new remastered print of Santo and the Treasure of Dracula (and likely not the "European" cut El vampiro y el sexo which features nudity and "adult situations") which, for a Santo film at least, is pretty decent.
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Munchie isn't just a Gremlins rip off. Trust me - it is much crazier than the film it is ostensibly a sequel to - Munchies which is totally a generic Gremlins rip off. Munchie is sort of Home Alone meets Leprechaun on Gremlin Street. To give you an idea, the character of Munchie is voiced by Dom DeLuise.
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And the last episode (if I count correctly) of Season 13 is The Christmas Dragon, with Jonah, Emily and Joel hosting!
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I lasted a little over twelve hours, but now I have to get some sleep--it's 2:30 AM where I am. Enjoy the last two movies, all!
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Thanks for making it out, Mr. Bad Example!
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I'm not watching the marathon but Magic Voyage of Sinbad just happens to be on Pluto right now, so I am with you in spirit.
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The marathon should be on a variety of other MST3K official streams too, including Pluto TV.
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Well maybe I am watching the marathon, groovy.
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Hey, I AM watching the marathon, but I thought they said Prince in space, so I was expecting Purple Rain and Barbarella caught in a teleporter accident.
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And it's done! It seems that Season 13 premieres on March 4, 2022. Good night everyone, wherever you are.
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Couldn't stay all day, but I had fun as always! Thanks!
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I rejoined MeFi specifically to comment on this post! I unexpectedly ended up quarantining with my 9 year old instead of seeing family and the MTS3K marathon (our first!) really made the day special. We didn’t remember to tune in until Avalanche. I really can’t get enough of Mia Farrow and Rock Hudson in that and omg 70s! I realize it’s not classic MST3K but it was our 2nd time seeing it, and somehow it was even weirder and funnier the second time. I guess this means I’m a “mstie” or whatever we call ourselves?
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Thanks for the company and the riffs, all! My wife and I look forward to hanging out with you guys every year now, even if the stream and chat feed are just running in the background.
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That's not only a perfectly acceptable way to watch, it's really unavoidable. I mean, this year's Turkey Day went for sixteen hours. And on a major US holiday where family is usually expected to gather and eat.

Let's hope everything works out for Christmas this year.
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