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Is there any way for MeFites to download/export our own posts? I'm pretty sure the Comments download only gets comments, not posts. If this feature doesn't yet exist, could it go on the list of nice-to-have features?

The comment dump is wonderful, but it would also be nice to be able to download my posts. I tried searching the wiki, but didn't find anything.

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I believe the export comments function (for those curious, you can find it at the bottom of your Preferences page) is just comments and not posts, yeah. I don't think off-hand that there is a push-button export for posts in the same vein; it's something that frimble has accommodated on an as needed basis a couple times for individual folks. But I'll ping them about it, they may be able to follow up with more detail when they're able.
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Yeah, WCityMike2, I thought of that; I've got a little over 200 posts total, across several subsites, so it would be a bit of work, although I imagine I could use some tools (wget or something) to help.

I mostly wondered whether other MeFites would fine it useful, and therefore maybe be worth a bit of frimble's time IF it truly is just a bit of time; but there hasn't been a lot of chiming in from people saying "Yes, I'd like this too!" so - although I'd love to know whether it might be a site feature someday - it looks like it might just make sense for me to do it myself.
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Update is: frimble thinks this is doable to add to the existing comments export, but that's as far as we are at the moment. No specific timeline but it's officially on the dev radar.
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Thank you, cortex! (And frimble!)

I greatly appreciate you considering adding this feature - and while I am very much looking forward to it, please let me say explicitly that it's clearly not a high priority (for the community, judging by the lack of extensive in-chiming on this thread, but even also for me). I will be delighted when it shows up, but I know there are more urgent and important things higher up in the queue.

Thank you!

Wishing you and all the MetaFilter folk a very happy upcoming 2022!
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