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Is it possible to have a single spaced list of MF post titles without anything else, on one page?

I am bad at doing searches and I have found myself wanting to re read a post from the past. If I could see a list of titles with everything stripped out I could just scan it with my eyeballs till a title clicked and then search for that title. Otherwise I fail or end up having to go through post titles page by page with not much information density and a lot of page turning. I asked at Ask MF but got told to post here. I thought it might be a feature or there might be a place such would exist compiled by somebody.
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This won't help with the number of posts per page, but you could use uBlock Origin or another adblocker to remove everything from the main page except post titles.

The infodump claims to have post titles, although I'm not sure the format.
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The infodumpster does this and provides some useful search tools, but it's updated quarterly and is currently 2.5 months behind. Here's every blue post it has since Jan 1st, 2021:
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I wonder if Metafilter's RSS feed would suit your purposes. It is not quite as clean as what you're outlining if viewed rawly, but if viewed within a RSS reader it would just be a list of titles. If viewing in a web-based RSS reader such as Feedly or Inoreader, there might be enough of a historical record as well.
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Can confirm: inoreader, set to list view in date order, will display nothing but a list of post titles (clickable to get to the post, of course), and will infinitely scroll should you have the patience/want it to. I went back to March 1 and could have kept going. You can also set the grouping to "none" if you don't want the posts separated by date (they'll still be organized by date).
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Since the RSS feed only has the most recent few posts, how much history it has will be based on when the feed was first added to that particular reader service — older readers will likely have more history.
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