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Thank you, Metafilter....

for 21 years of the most eclectic, brilliant, funny, loveable folks on the net. So, I make a wish, share some old funny comments, poetry or what not.
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clavdivs, happy 21st metafilterversary to you! You’re a gem!
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MetaTalk is the best. It reminds me of sneaking around behind the shed as a kid to hear the grownups swearing and telling dirty jokes.
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Happy mefiversary, clavdivs!

Lots of haters here. I hate Adams for his success too.

Welcome to Metafilter, Scott!
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Happy mefiversary to the person who's username i mispronounce in my head more than anyone else's (clavvv divvvs).

Old funny comments, this is a good idea. I will think of some and come back.
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I like how in the list of uses on the back of the Q-Tip box it shows pictures of them being actively used for things like painting, makeup application, first aid, etc...and then there's just a picture of a BABY. No Q-Tip, just a baby. What's up with that?
posted by phunniemee at 2:28 PM on October 21, 2010

When my daughter was 3 she would whisper to strangers in the grocery store "you're going to die someday and nothing can stop it". She did it for like a week. A lot of nature books and TV lead to that moment.
posted by French Fry at 11:17 AM on March 13, 2017
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You could very easily go out and buy a lifetime supply of hammers, but it's difficult to buy a lifetime supply of nails.
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Clavdivs -- you're one of the few remaining real old timers here. Thanks for many hilarious moments of laughter over the many years (I'm class of 2004 under my original username).

At the same time I'm resisting the urge to eulogize what I feel we've lost here in recent years, one major piece of which is the ability to laugh collectively at a lot of things that just are objectively absurd and funny. The occasional quip will still crack me up of course, but this site once was good for a laugh a minute, full of irreverence, mirth, and absurdity.

Of course it got harder to laugh at anything in the whole world over the same prior two decades or so. There's that too. But if I honestly probe why I spend so much less time here these days and almost ignore the blue and gray anymore it is heavily down to how serious everything seems to get here like what happens on a tiny backwater website for text-based nerds (let's admit it, across generations and ideologies and experiences here what we all love is the sound of our own -- and sometimes others' -- written voices) is of the utmost political importance for the world beyond.

But clavdivs is still here making me laugh. Thank you friend.
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Here's a fun thread where we can toast clavdivs and share funny comnents!

*spitbull complaining that he doesn't like it here anymore because it's no longer fun*

Irony, like rain on your wedding day.

So ironic. Much fly.
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Yov're fabvlovs, clavdivs.
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This legendary comment has permanently planted "YOU X-Y X-PERSON" into my brain whenever a similar situation comes up.

Holy cats I just checked the dates and it was posted shortly before I joined for real. That's some serious memetic staying power!
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Happy MeFiVersary, you n00b! (it will be 22 years for me in October; I am still waiting for my Old-Timers Smoking Jacket)
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Thanks, divs. Happy anniversary!
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Still glad to see you here after all these years, clavdivs--Happy MeFiversary!
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Hi clavdivs!
Never not post when favorite comments are requested (or at least, funny comments and what not).
Pixar story.
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I'm happy you're here! I shared Ode to a Buttered Cat with a friend just the other day! One my faves along with Wordshore's excellent stories of rural English life :)
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Remember that time when some think-piece writer called Metafilter's no-images format a "throwback interface"?
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Hahaha goddamn it I miss elizardbits
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Happy anniversary, clav!
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Sometimes I mis-read your name as clam dip and sometimes as "claw divs" but I always read it with anticipation because your comments are shrewd and/or funny.

(Miraculously, I resist the perverse urge to read all the "v"s in your comments as "u"s somehow.)

(Probably I won't be able to resist that anymore now.)
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goddamn it I miss elizardbits

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Congrats! I know it is pronounced Claudius, but it will always be Clav-div to me.

The answer that Too-ticky linked above was good, and it led me to read all the answers in the question. I really liked that question. The question was posted a little over 9 years ago and I still have some of the items in my answer. Since then, I have purchased a lifetime supply of toothpicks. Actually I was given them by a friend who is the store liquidation business. I will likely never need to buy plastic knives and forks again. I have 3,000 of each. Same friend.
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When work was phasing out paper cards, I scored two huge boxes of tractor-fed 5"x9" cards, and a box of tractor-fed 3"x5" cards. They make amazing menu-and-shopping-lists and to do lists, respectively, so I planned to go back for more of both the next day...but someone from Facilities came and sent them all to the recycler. *enraged boggling intensifies*

Still pissed about that... But I've had a fresh card for my To Do list since about 2008, and I have years worth left!
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The timing of this one, based on the comment immediately preceding it, is my favourite.
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Any comment in the Lede-Buried Voicemails from Your Mom thread, but especially this one.
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it will always be Clav-div to me.

Clav-divs, meet Chitownfarts
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Well we’ll well! It’ll be 21 years for me in September and in all that time, the two decades of enjoying clavdivs’s posts, not once did I realize that there is a second v in their name. NOT ONCE!

Happy mefiversary old timer. Keep it coming.:)
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One of the very first things I ever favorited was this 2006 comment from Plutor (hi Plutor!) in which he uses the img tag (!) to link to a satirical animated gif banner ad (!) featuring Ceiling Cat (!) to make a joke regarding the then-entirely-theoretical concept of a dedicated meetups site (!). I feel like if I showed this to a fifteen-year-old they would not understand any of it, despite that being about the emotional maturity demographic of the joke itself.

Also, earlier in that thread, a pre-mod cortex apparently pitched the IRL subsite several years before that's what we (at that point including me) built as a mod team. Weird long looks back, man.
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Thanks, iamkimiam. Just a little reminder - my phone sure has been silent lately.

Clav, you are wonderful, and MeFi is better because you're here.
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One of the great things about old-thread roundups is clicking through, having no memory of the thread, and finding I'd favorited a bunch of things. And getting to enjoy those same comments again like for the first time. Makes me worry slightly about my memory but hey, one of the little quirks of incipient middle age, I suppose.
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And man-y mooooooore!
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clavdivs, you are a true original and I appreciate how much interest you lend to this place.
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Every time I see a comment and recognize that it’s one of clav’s, I get excited to read it. You brighten up my days immensely.

As for funny old comments, I had reason recently to recount GenjiandProust’s (who I hope unbuttons soon) chicken puppet story, and it’s always a hit.
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My favourite thing wot I've wrote on here is this, and it's a poem, hooray!
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I was just reminded of phunniemee's bowl-o-fruit recommendation, which is delightful and one of my all-time favorites.
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More than a single comment, but a post just the other day reminded me of the incredible journey started in 9622.
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When I joined, I never thought I'd meet so many of you in real life. You're all gems.
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...And I am very much looking forward to finally meeting you this summer, ColdChef!
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As I said at the time, I'm generally not a huge fan of puns, but this, in context, was brilliant.

Happy anniversary, clavdivs. We're lucky to have you around.
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Well done clavdiv old sport. That's often what I think after reading your comments.

I think this was my best pun on here, but not many (non-Doctor) Who fans around I guess.

Tons of MeFi jokes have just entered the fabric of my thoughts. I don't even think about where it comes from anymore when my brain thinks, "I shot the serif heh heh" whenever I'm fucking around with fonts.
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Happy 4/20 everybody btw.
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4/18 was my 10th anniversary.

Thanks to all who have taught me so much over the years, beginning with Scarabic's instructions regarding how to dispose of a dead body (my introduction to metafilter and the sign that I had found my people). I've been surprised by how attached I can become to people I've never met (still miss Huron Bob). I expect I'll be checking in regularly until I leave this vale of tears, despite the handful of you all who grate on my last fucking nerve.
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Hugs to you, my friend!
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Happy 4/20 everybody btw.

It was serendipity that accidentally made this my wedding anniversary, and I am grateful that the media always gives me a few days heads up on the occasion, as I would never remember if it was on me.
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Just noticed that May 10, I will be turning 21 MetaYears old myself. Happy anniversaries to all of us. I look forward to hanging around the next 21 years, with some considerable luck.
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Happy mefi-versary clavdivs!
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I've always thought of clavdivs as the part of God's style sheet that pertains to the formatting of human shoulders.
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While I am nowhere near as notable a figure, I am similarly "well-seasoned" as a MetaFilter user and would like to thank you for being a truly enjoyable part of my time here. You have added greatly to what made this place what it was as well as what it became.
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or what not

klangklangston: Or MonkeyFilter. My God, we could all just go to MonkeyFilter.
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Happy Anniuersary, clav divs!
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Meatbomb once had a sleepover with me. True story.
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Happy Meta Birthday!
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I was charmed into signing up for my first MeFi account by seeing a username like clavdivs, seeing as I am a big fan of the books, the BBC series, the Black Adder title homage, and the dvd's I bought because you never know with the streams, right kids? (See current Netflix FPP).
So I also hear every comment from clavdivs I stumble across in Derek Jacoby's voice, which is a very good thing, if occasionally confusing.
We salute you, emperor of this corner of the what now?
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All of clavdivs's comments give me the same weird joy I felt when I first discovered the Internet as a tween: I'm not sure I fully understand what's going on, but thank God there are people somewhere out there whose minds work in such strange and brilliant ways.

Though I'll always be a little freaked out that clav somehow reached into my subconscious to describe my ideal music video :
fisheye lens to Art Malik who's playing Claudius ascending the ranks of the praetorian barracks. Peter Gabriel's, Solsbury Hill. basically an MTV montage overlaped with the lyrics.
(Seriously I will help crowdfund this if anyone is interested)

Thanks for sticking around, clavdivs.
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My all time most favorite exchange on metafilter, which I still speak of with my family to this day, (and which in retrospect is a bit mean spirited which is regretful but...the comment is just still so good)... was this classic response to user ishrinkmajeans' rationale for spreading his legs wide on transit.
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Thanks for the memories! So many gems I either missed or forgot. 9622 is just classic (and does make the point we've maybe become a bit serious).
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(Seriously I will help crowdfund this if anyone is interested)

I lost the liner notes but have half paragraph blocks for each Gabriel lyric. It needs work and a fresh look but yeah, I'll send it along to you in a week or so. One problem is lyric to image crossover.

If Only Malik was available.
posted by clavdivs at 4:41 PM on April 24

I'm late to the party, and I don't have a funny quote, but happy 21st to you Clav. I'm realizing that I too have been signed into this site for a full score plus one years. Happy birthday to you.
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Meatbomb once had a sleepover with me. True story.

It was most excellent! And I think ColdChef bought me and my fiance dinner too! I guess his cute little kids are all grown up now...
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I'm half-expecting amberglow & jonmc to pop in now. Happy 21st clavdivs!
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Thanks for the post! Thanks for being here, everyone!!
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I'm half-expecting amberglow & jonmc to pop in now.

Yes but, all the same, as Ivan Fyodorovich went to the latter's wedding, you will be two degrees of jonmc for eternity. Virtually speaking, that is...
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I'm half-expecting amberglow & jonmc to pop in now.

That would be awesome. I was absolutely heartbroken when amberglow left. jonmc seems to have drifted away after I cut way back on Mefi, but that is still tragic, especially as he is essentially a founding member. If either of you are listening please stop by for awhile. Mefi seems a lot different now than two decades ago but it still retains much of the magic. Props to the mods for keeping all the cats corralled, at least enough that we don't claw all the furniture to bits.
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