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Is anyone doing Go Fest today? I know this is wildly last minute but I would love to add some new friends from MeFi so I can send you presents. :) My code is: 1514 8228 1369
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I'll add you later (I'm Ghidorah5000), but Go Fest finished up yesterday for us. I hope they managed to fix the "mon appears on screen, you go to tap it, it disappears" bug. Half of the Axew that popped up this weekend for me did that.
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Oops, just seeing this, will DM you code and name.

The game play was underwhelming, but hanging out with people was fun.
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Oh, wish I saw this sooner! I’ve added you and will send a DM with my user name so you’ll recognize me :)
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Sending! For anyone else that wants a new friend, my code is 7910 3054 0372
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Expect a friend requests from LarkTheMoose - 2618 1597 1983
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Omg, why has Metafilter not created its own PoGO account?!
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So, after losing interest sometime in 2019 or so, all the cute bird pokemon have lured me back in. Of course, I still didn’t want to deal with my item and Pokémon hoarding problem that led to me losing interest so new account it is!

BirbWatcher247, 9588 4076 2530 (this one actually sees raid invites and such)
but also
MissAlyssaJones, 4239 3036 2083
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Ooooooooh *you're* BirbWatcher247; was wondering where that friend req had come from.

I'm maisieblackcat, 0209 4373 6012
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I didn't do the paid event, but my partner did, and in addition to the "incense spawns go *poof* when you click them" bug she was rather disgruntled at the shiny rate.
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The $15 US fee for this event left me and lot of others disgruntled, and with good reason. Compared to last year's $5 US and being able to raid every damn legendary, it's a wildly shocking change.


The group I was with had good time goofing off in the rain and humidity. We eventually wound up at a mall to escape the rain, where much fun was had on merry go round. Niantic and the PoGO owners tend to alternate between bad and worse lately, so I just do things game related with the idea that hanging out with people is the real benefit.

Though I did get a shiny Axew, thank you RNG!
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I'm still playing this game, and I didn't love Go Fest this year, but it was nice to see newish Pokemon and hang around with other people playing. I think I caught two shinies that I already had. I guess I'm in it for the XP then. Look out for a friend request from jobirdee, 8375 9751 2052
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You folks have no idea how happy I am to have new friends. You will mostly get presents that come from Starbuckses and swimming pools and if you're lucky some nice statue from where I live. I do have two church postcards so if you get one of those and that's not your thing please mentally rename it to All Pokes Church and enjoy whatever is inside.
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I'm 1131 8217 2995, if anyone wants mostly fairly boring postcards from Frankfurt, plus random castles, cathedrals from the surrounding areas thrown in.
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I'm 3654 8509 1396. Hirocky2009. Postcards from Vancouver and my transit route.
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Ooo, we haven't done this for a while. 4919 6331 6488 trainer name same as my handle here.

Also, jackchai0323 and Coolpapajoe2008, just open a damn gift already so we can be besties.
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I'm 6971 7795 5676 and the name is LeilaAko. I'd love to add you all to my friend list. You'll mainly be getting postcards of painted electrical boxes though.
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Hi I’m late but expect a slew of requests from a Bay Area MeFite on Team Mystic who’d walking a lil’ cactus friend
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Oh hi everyone! I’m 9379 4984 4658, AKA PreciousSponge. Philadelphia offers a wealth of exciting mural postcards, and I love sending gifts.
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Hi folks. Thanks for posting this, The Adventure Begins! My code is 9654 2483 5678 and my name is BroodstarrusRex.
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3498 0672 2662 =]
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I'm routergirl in Pokemon. 2303 2970 0603. I go through spells where I play a ton and then for a while I play infrequently...as a result, most of my Pokemon friends get irritable because I don't open their gifts right away. I'm in the NJ/Philly area.
posted by routergirl at 1:32 PM on June 15, 2022

Hi just saw this. I’m 3940 6112 4656 (RandomChessX) from Australia.
posted by Chesten at 4:47 PM on June 29, 2022

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