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It looks like the most recent Ukraine thread I know of has just been closed due to being a month old. In past posts, someone had always made a new one when the comment thread got large, and added a comment to the older post linking to the new post. That didn't happen this time. And using Metafilter's search for "Ukraine" doesn't show any new post at all.

I understand that related news has slowed down, and also that many people have probably lost interest, but this is still a serious, ongoing, global crisis, and I've found the comment sections in Metafilter's posts on Ukraine to be very helpful sources. I imagine I can't be the only one. So I'm wondering if anyone intends to make a new post?

I know I can do so myself, but my opinion on these sorts of posts (i.e. ongoing news posts) is contrary to what I gather is the site's general opinion: I don't think the contents of the post itself are particularly important; what matters are the comments. Left to my own devices, a post from me on this would be "This is the new Ukraine thread."
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I'm working on one :)
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New Ukraine Thread
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tnks Flunkie & box
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Thanks box.

W/r/t the perceived slowing of news, it’s worth remembering the principle that just because someone is silent, it doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention.
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