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Something like 20% of Florida was under evacuation orders prior to Ian, many are now displaced with no pathway home (like us) or far worse, no home to go to. On top of that early reports are for catastrophic loss of life. Just putting this thread up as an opportunity to check in and let others know you're alright, and perhaps to post resources. Here is an initial resource FEMA is authorized to issues grants for repair and also possibly for domicile if you don't have a place to go: A link to a news article about FEMA process
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We had to evacuate from Pinellas County (we live in a boat, no reasonable way to interpret things for us to stay) and chose Port St Lucie randomly. Turned out a good call. We're safe here and trying to figure out how to get back across the state with all the flooded roads.
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Glad to hear you're safe. A few Florida Mefites were also checking in in the Hurricane Ian thread on the blue, too.
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It's heading now to South Carolina as a Category 1, stay safe everyone.
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