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What's the last pie you made or ate? Tell me pie things, because I love pie.

(inspired by this, btw, which I am way too lazy to make, but which I'd very much like to eat)

Sweet or savory, hot or cold, topless, bottomless, full crust, or à la mode, speak to me of pie. Or just talk about what's happening in your life, what's on your mind, what's good ... just no pielitics, pleeze.
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For us it was apple pie, about a month ago. It actually turned out only kind of so-so, though I thought our recipe / technique was pretty much bulletproof before that. We may have actually put too many apples in our apple pie this time, thereby affirming the heretofore unproven theory that there can be too much of a good thing. Maybe I'll try to podge together some sort of pumpkin pie thing this year for Tgiving ... but we don't get that high falutin fancy tech "pumpkin pie filling" in cans around these parts, so we'll see.
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Chicken and mushroom pie is the best pie!
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Probably fish pie. But I am currently making chicken cobbler, which I suppose is a sort of pie. It's got a bit out of control as I've put too much veg in (leeks, carrots, swede, plus mushrooms) so I think it is going to turn into two cobblers. I'm also on a quest to get my cooking to taste of more, so may have put too many flavours in - onions, a bulb of roasted garlic, celery, stock, wholegrain mustard, seaweed flavouring. But I can always dilute it if necessary.

I've also rediscovered pearl barley, which is a good autumn food.
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Oh and thyme. Which took me about half an hour to strip. I am a ridiculously slow cook.
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it smells delicious!!
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The ridonkulus chicken pot pie from Costco.

You know those fairy tales about the magical bottomless dishes that keep preparing a meal until it runs on the floor and out the door and floods the town? Those fairy tales ain't got nothing on a Costco chicken pot pie.
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As time goes on I get more and more captivated by the idea of making savory meat pies in fall and winter. It's so...cozy. My only problem is that I am effectively cooking for just one person, and making a full-size pie would take forever to eat up. So I keep hunting for recipes that can be scaled down, or recipes that make four single-serve pies I can halve, something like that.

But there's one thing I found some years ago and keep coming back to; a cheese pasty recipe developed by Moosewood. I cheat in several ways - I use store-bought pie crust, like this person, and I use this plastic turnover press instead of trying to crimp it myself. I also swapped out the turnip for a parsnip when I figured out that turnips give me seriously bad indigestion. But the filling is super-easy - shredded cheddar cheese and bunch of chopped vegetables - and they keep well; one batch is enough for two weeks' worth of bag lunches at work, eating at the rate of two pasties with a cup of soup.

And three years ago I was given my Great-Aunt Adelle's official recipe for tourtiere, and switched to making that my go-to recipe. (Kind of like how my grandma's recipe for cranberry bread is the only one I use.) My roommate and I have been doing Christmas here in New York for the past 2 years now - between Covid and other circumstances - and I make one for us to whack slices off of and heat throughout the day on Christmas Day.
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Oh - I also picked up this book last year (I have a soft spot for retro kitsch sometimes). There's a "pie" recipe that's meant to use up leftover Thanksgiving food, where you actually press stuffing into the pie tin and that becomes the bottom crust. I have been trying to figure out a single-serve version of that because that sounds amazing. They also had a lot of quiche-type things I was making a lot last year; I was still getting eggs from my CSA then, and had hit a point where I had about 5 dozen eggs in my tiny fridge. Enter a quiche recipe from Kentucky (or so the book claimed) which goes on to throw in six entire hard-boiled eggs into the egg custard mix.
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The only pie I make on the regular is shepherds/cottage pie, which is perfect in all its variations (any ground meat, lentils, mushrooms - whatever savory thing cooked up with a bit of beer and veg and aromatics - just make sure the mashed potato layer is plentiful and gets crispy on top) but is not really a pie.

Thanks for that link though taz, a cranberry lemon meringue pie is probably not in my future, but a cranberry layer on some lemon bars almost certainly is. Omnomnom, cranberry season...
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I love pie but I can't tell you the last time I made one from scratch. Possibly not ever. I used to make apple crisp and cherry crisp occasionally, but making a crust seems like a lot of work.

I usually get frozen pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pumpkin, because my husband loves it, topped with a ton of whipped cream from a can. Even though it's almost always just the two of us I'll also get cherry because it's my favorite, and have a nice vanilla ice cream with it.

My dad used to grow rhubarb and made his own pies with it when I was a kid. He made really excellent pies, for a dude that doesn't cook.
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The last pie I made was this Brown Butter Apple Pie with a Rosemary and Sharp Cheddar Cornmeal Crust recipe from Bob’s Red Mill, with apples from our trees. It was exceptionally good.

It’s debatably a pie, but the most recent pie-like thing I made was David Lebovitz’s quince tarte tatin, with quinces poached with vanilla, black pepper, and cardamom.
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* gasp *

I just remembered something that would make that Thanksgiving leftover pie even better!

When we were getting ready for our stuck-at-home-because Covid Thanksgiving, my roommate told me that his family usually just got a bunch of smoked turkey legs and heated them up instead of making a whole turkey because everyone liked the smoked stuff better. So that's what we did since it was just us two; I'd never had a smoked turkey leg, and it was delicious.

And I've just now imagined what that would be like in a stuffing-crust pie and dammit I think I'm going to really look into scaling that thing down now....
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YES! I have just made an amazing discovery that may be a boon to anyone trying to scale recipes down.

So - the biggest obstacle I have when it comes to scaling down a lot of recipes is that a lot of online recipes use "one can of cream of mushroom/celery soup", and how the hell do you scale that down? Either I'd have to make the whole thing, or open the can, try to scoop out just what I need, and then store the rest in the fridge where it would get buried and go bad or something.

BUT - I have just discovered this recipe for homemade condensed cream of celery soup. And she also has a condensed cream of mushroom soup as well!

HALLELUJIAH AMEN! I can make those up and then put them in smaller containers and fling them in the freezer and then have just what I need ready for all manner of single-serve casseroles and pot pies and stuff all winter!
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My spouse made a quiche a few months back. That is probably the closest we have had to pie in quite sometime. I tried ordering a piece of chocolate pie at an Eat N Park a few months back, but that location only sold them as a special order.

Costco also sells a ravioli lasagna with bolognese sauce that is only one level below the absurdity of the chicken pie, but so, so good.
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I made a really good spinach-basil-mushroom quiche last week; I've foraged about 30 lbs of mushrooms so far this fall and so basically am eating mushrooms a couple meals a day along with other longer-term storage options such as making duxelles and freezing them.

I like pies but I am a shit crust maker and hate the cleanup from that part, so I am trying to embrace pre-made crusts in roll or pie pan form.
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Oh yeah, on the subject of pies: I broke my pyrex pie pan within the last year, and so I bought a silicon pie pan at Aldi a few months ago, and I HATE it--what a stupid idea for a silicon baking item. It is not rigid so it is tricky to move it around, and then I worry about slicing through it when I am slicing up the finished product.
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Pumpkin. Finished the last of it last night. Homemade by my wife.
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I split a tiny apple pie from Popeyes a couple nights ago, but before that by a couple weeks there was a lovely actual round full-sized home-made apple pie a friend brought over and man. Good pastry, nice crisp bite to the apples, just the right bit of tang. There's a lot of pies out there, a lot of good kinds of pies, but on any given day you really can't fuck with a solid apple pie, it's a standard for a reason.
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There's a nearby cafe that does sausage rolls that don't have lots of onion in them (I increasingly can't tolerate much cooked onion, almost no raw onion) and when wfh Wednesday ordered one for delivery and, because I was quite hungry, decided to get a beef pie too. Turns out they were out of sausage rolls and tried to call me to ask what I'd like instead but somehow had the wrong number, so they subbed in a lamb pie and a curried vegetable pasty instead. Now I loathe that kind of yellow curry powder that comes out of a tin, whether it's Keen's or McCormick's; it's not that it's too hot, I just don't like the taste. So I nibbled the very end of the pasty - the pastry was good, but once I started to get that nasty yellow curry taste I had to stop.

But the lamb pie... wow. I have to say, it's not what I would have chosen but it was SO good. I didn't even put sauce on it. The beef pie I did choose was pretty good too, nice big chunks of beef, but that lamb pie... yum. You know how they talk about some food being like a hug? Yeah, that. A hug in a pie. I actually rang them up and thanked them and I hate calling people on the phone. I just had to, I appreciated that pie so much.

BTW these are Australian meat pies, so they are about hand-sized - not huge family sized, multiple serving type pies.
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A ham, onion, gruyere and swiss cheese quiche. And I think I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow. It's been over a week, after all.
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In Copenhagen we have exactly 1 pie shop making what you would consider "american pies". It is aptly named "The American Pie Co." (link). Their pies are DELICIOUS, and their sweet & savory pie menu varies by season and also includes "holiday" pies such as Thanksgiving (which as far as I recall is sometime soon, it is the Pie Co. newsletter that reminds us of this....). When I need a place to just read or also work outside of the house (what? go to the office? why?), I park myself there and enjoy a lunch pie and a dessert pie.

The latest pie I had there was a salted caramel apple pie and it is SO GOOOOOD - with a side of vanilla ice cream, yum! This flavor tides me over until their Banoffee pie rotates back - also SO good.

If you are in the CPH area, I can HIGHLY recommend this place :)
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Everyone in my family thinks that pumpkin pie is my favorite pie (or just favorite dessert in general). For as long as I can remember I've been hearing "downtohisturtles just loves pumpkin pie. It's his favorite. Isn't that right downtohisturtles? You can't get enough of it! Loves his pumpkin pie." And everyone was telling me this all my life so I thought "I guess I do love pumpkin pie. Everyone is telling me I do. Why would they lie? Apparently it is my favorite." This has gone on for almost 40 years now. But really it's just cause my birthday is right around Thanksgiving so there was always pumpkin pie. So that's what we'd eat. I have no great affinity towards it. It's purely based on the timing of my birth. Don't get me wrong I'll eat it. I don't dislike it. But given options I'd much rather have a fruit pie (peach then cherry then apple). Or better yet a cobbler. I look forward to another round of people telling me what pie I like in a few weeks.
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It's been a couple of weeks but I did three pies: one sort of basic pepperoni with a couple of cheeses, one pesto with potato, and one trio formaggio. I wanted to roast garlic for the pesto potato one but honestly the pesto was already pretty strong and I felt like the sweeter roasted garlic flavor wasn't going to come through the potent Costco pesto. Plus I didn't plan enough ahead.

The pepperoni, I managed to score the little ones that curl up. Used up the whole package.
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MMmmmpie! It took me 7 years to get the feel of flaking fat into flour for a good crust. Trying different fats, ratios, how to prepare and bake-- having freezer space to really chill the flour, and then the crust, helps a lot.
I like thinly sliced candied ginger on the bottom of the crust, and a mix of sauteed quince and apples for a filling. But I rarely make a whole pie these days, since I really only want 1 slice now and then and my partner isn't a dessert person.
The hand pies from Rodney Scott are incredibly good, worth the effort. Plus, his book gives details about how to build your own bbq pit and smoke box. One can hope to make friends with new neighbors.
But savory pies! Yes! It's windy and chilly and rain splattery today, and this thread reminded me I have a recipe for mushroom lentil pot pies with gouda biscuit filling,
Empanadas are a good type of hand pie, and after baking they freeze really well. Chorizo sauteed with potato, onion, and swiss chard, then stuffed with queso tradicional, is a good combo.
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I'm a pretty good baker, but piecrust gives me The Fear. I get through Thanksgiving by doing a pumpkin cheesecake which is generally well received. (Speedlime, while she lived, used to do an amazing cranberry/apricot/Amaretto tarte with cinnamon in the crust. I looked forward to it every year. *She* was good at piecrust)

I love fruit pies, though, and if offered one, will never pass it up. Cherry pie, made properly with sour cherries, is my absolute weakness.
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Tourtière was a big part of my childhood - I've been non-meat eater for decades (with no hankering to change, or I would) but I do think fondly of tourtière.

I made my first-ever, honest-to-god apple pie last spring ( a simple thing, buncha cut up apples (all different kinds, which is important) and then some spice mix devised by Martha Stewart's minions): and man it was both easy and freakin' delicious. Had to wonder why I hadn't done so earlier.

Over the past year or so I've been lightly obsessed with Tarte Tatin - a super simple apple tart that, when the balance of sugar, salt, butter and apple is right, is an absolute wonder. I buy frozen crust pastry because I'm lazy and I've found a good one. I've also found lots of bad ones - which really suck - I don't know what it is about them exactly, but they really kill the whole experience. Might be tropical oil (date-palm oil): I've made my own crust, too, and it's less work than too much work but still, if there's a satisfactory pre-made option, why not?

The thing I puzzle about each time I make one of these tarts is the geometry of the apple slices - I never really studied it enough to get it 'perfect' but I do think of it every time - "what am I doing wrong, exactly? too broad? not broad enough? maybe too pointy at that end, or just... I kinda short-circuited the whole question once by slicing the apple into 1cm (roughly) slices and then lay them around. That was pretty satisfactory but the long cook time sometimes leads to a mushy apple, which is not desired.

As ever, a simple thing that is kinda complicated to pull off.
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I know I keep popping back in here - I'm waiting for the dishwasher to finish running so I can get my thermos and go on a stroll, and I keep switching between this thread and my cookbooks while I wait.

And one of those cookbooks is from Petee's Pie bakery; I live near one of their locations, and found them before Covid hit and fell in love. Their in-person locations served nothing but pies and coffee, and DANG is it good pie. I would usually go for a slice of one of the fruit pies or a chocolate custard. But one time I had a slice of this really interesting thing called the Nesselrode pie - a chestnut-cream pie with a bit of rum and candied cherries, maybe a drizzle of chocolate ganache. It wasn't my new favorite, but I liked it well enough, and got more fascinated by the history; this was a pie that was really big in New York City during the mid-20th-Century, but then fell out of favor for some reason; and the past few years have seen a handful of foodies trying to revive it, including the couple behind Petee's Pies. It's been kind of an intriguing story.

....But as good as Petee's pies are, it's not the best pie I've ever had - that honor goes to a little tea shop I went to in Paris, the kind where there's no set menu and they rather just make whatever they feel like making that day. When I went, they had something on the menu they called "tarte au choco-crumble," and when I asked what that was, they just pointed to where all the pies were set out - and pointed out in chocolate. It had a cookie-crumb crust, a thick custardy-creamy filing that was about halfway between pudding and ganache, and crumbled-up chocolate cookies on top. "That!" I eagerly said, pointing at it too.

The only way I could describe it later was that "it was like a chocolate cream pie and a mississippi mud cake were having sex on my tongue."
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I don't eat classic fruit pies that much because they tend to be too sweet for me. However, I've got a friend that makes great apple pies, and I had some of that a few weeks ago -- we rode around the city on our bikes and collected street tree apples for it, really lovely fall day.

'tis the season so I'll be making these butternut squash pasties/hand pies quite a bit -- they freeze wonderfully, so you can stock up on easy dinners.
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I do have a sweet pie-related memory:

My mom made pies every year for Thanksgiving - she usually alternated between cherry and apple from year to year. Her apple pie was one of my most favorite things in the world. It was GOOD. But because we rotated holidays, there was a several year streak where I just never got a piece when she made it.

The year before she died she made both a cherry and apple. The cherry was for everyone else. The apple pie was just for me. She forbade my spouse from even thinking about touching it. Best pie ever.
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My Thanksgiving go-to for lo these many decades has been Rose Levy Beranbaum's maple walnut tart. Serve with bourbon whipped cream. I feel bad for all the other people who bring pies that remain untouched while mine is devoured to the last crumb.

But to answer the question, the last pie I made was a cherry pie made with canned Oregon brand cherries and before you turn up your nose, let me tell you that you can make an absolutely delicious cherry pie with those, possibly even more delicious than one made with fresh pie cherries. My diners were my partner and my mom, who were so enthusiastic in their appreciation that I am still basking in the glow.

Is there anything better than seeing people going back for seconds and thirds and fourths of something you made? Recently a friend made an apple dessert and was so visibly pleased when I got up to get another piece. I have another friend who writes the most appreciative thank-you notes after a dinner party, describing in detail what they loved about every one of the dishes I made. If you want to make someone happy, praise their cooking!
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I got to try Duck Pithivier last weekend. its a beautiful pie, and incredibly rich. one small slice sufficed to savor the many rich flavors and textures. 14/10 would eat again (small amounts at a time!)
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Nice cheese pie (or is it deep dish pizza? it has some Georgian name too) sitting on my kitchen counter right now.

My wife makes all sorts of lovely pies, both savoury and sweet.

You can question my parenting, but I have taken to using Barry's quote whenever we are blessed with a new pie, to all and any who might want to partake:

"Hey, shitbird, wanna piece 'o paaaaaaiiiiy?"

My youngest son countered today with a patronising attempt to reform me:

"No thank you, but thanks for offering."
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Martin’s Market (which I don’t know the scale of the chain) makes their chicken pot pies with meat from leftover rotisserie chickens.
My sister said she doesn’t like them because there’s too much chicken.
Which I cannot
It doesn’t compute.
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I often make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, though for one reason or another I haven't done it the last couple of years. But this is not your typical cloyingly-sweet-yet-bland goopy syrup with a few pecans floating on top! I start with a lot of pecans, then use just enough syrup (with plenty of blackstrap molasses plus rum or bourbon in it) to fill it in and barely lift the nuts*. I posted the recipe in this thread if anyone's interested in the specifics.

*hush, you pervs
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That sounds fantastic, and much more like the name than like the corn syrup pie garnished with pecans you usually find.
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Deep fried pumpkin pie at the Circleville, Ohio Pumpkin Show a couple of weeks ago.
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I usually make crustless pies, using generic recipe featuring "Bisquick" (search the internet for recipes).

Recently I made a nice custardy coconut pie and also a savory pie (riff off blue cheese dressing/dip and vegetables) using cheddar and blue cheeses and precooked broccoli.
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plastic_animals, I gotta ask: how was it?
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To be clear it was a hand pie that was deep fried, not a slice of regular pumpkin pie. It was fresh out of the fryer, doused with a thick sugar solution, and delicious.
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World Market sells this pie pan ♡♡♡ This is a thing of beauty♡♡♡
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You sure that's not just a big party ashtray?
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If pizza counts as pie - which it totally does so I can brag about this pizza - I made one last week with olive oil, homegrown garlic, foraged chanterelles, homemade dried apricots, lemon caramelized onions, random bits of parsley and baby fall greens from the garden, and porcini salt a friend made with foraged mushrooms. It was DREAMY.

Next week I'll make the traditional Election Day Coping Pie, an apple pie featuring chunks of crystallized ginger and dried apricots soaked in whiskey. I don't know if it will help me cope, but it's delicious.
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Two best pie like objects I’ve made recently-both are hits:
-tomato cobbler with a cheddar or gruyere crust.
-fig galette with a layer of homemade marmalade.
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Ahh back in the days before diabetes, I made Apple High Pie, that was shaped like a shield volcano. Using a deep dish, I would stack a row or two of sliced apples, cover with a bit of brown sugar, l'il bits o' butter, and a dusting of cinnamon, and repeat until standing in a low hill above the height of the pie pan. Then cover with pie crust to control the heap and brush with milk, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.
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Reporting back about the chicken cobbler. It was strangely bland; also the pastry smelt a bit weird, possibly because I used gluten-free flour. There was a good moment where I bit into a piece of roasted garlic, but in general the attempt to up my flavour game hasn't worked yet. Maybe more mustard?
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Probably the last pie that we ate was key lime, which we make a lot around here. But I'd like to share our favorite pie from my 20s, which I haven't made in, well, about 20 years and I think I'll pull it out for Christmas this year.

Chocolate Doom Pie

1 graham cracker pie crust (the "Two Extra Servings!" kind, if you can find it - otherwise, you'll have a little bit of filling left over) [Works just fine with a GF graham cracker crust, but also, skipping the crust and just eating with a spoon or eating with cookies works too.]
1 cup of creamy peanut butter
1 8oz package of creamcheese
1 cup of sugar
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 bag of chocolate chips (either semi-sweet or milk, as you prefer - milk chocolate makes an even richer pie)
a splash of vanilla
2T of butter
Something to sprinkle on the top - I use peanut butter chips, though I'm sure toffee crumbles would work too

1. Do not turn the pie crust sideways. It will fall out and smoosh. (You'd think this would be obvious. However, I speak from experience. Dammit.)
2. Take the cream cheese out of the package and the foil wrapper, microwave for 30-45 seconds. (Optional, but this makes it a heck of a lot easier to stir.)
3. Mix together: Cream cheese, peanut butter, sugar.
4. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a small saucepan. Toss in the butter, and a splash of vanilla (like....a tablespoonful or something, I think, but I never measure it). Add 1/2 to 2/3 of the chocolate chips. Heat over LOW heat, stirring pretty much constantly, until the chocolate melts. You do not want this stuff to burn, and it burns pretty easily if you're not careful, what with all the milk and sugar in it.
5. Mix the chocolate stuff into the peanut butter stuff. The fact that the chocolate is hot will help. Set aside the saucepan - licking that thing clean is one of the best parts of making this delectable dessert, and wasting any of the chocolate will doom you for all eternity.
6. Pour the whole mess into the crust. Sprinkle on your toppings, refrigerate til set.
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It’s a tart but I made this Lemon Sabayon last night. From the Thomas Keller French Laundry cookbook. It has a ground pine nut crust…and I’m usually not a substitution person…but pine nuts were $17 for 175grams so fuck that. I bought a smaller thing of pine nuts for $6.99 and topped it up with almonds. Really delicious but the dog snuck a bite when we were eating dinner in the other room. We ate around that part.
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Cottage pie. We cleaned out a freezer and found two turkeys, so we roasted a 12 pound one. The next night I made a cottage pie with turnips from the garden mashed with potatoes (also from the garden) for the “crust”. Inside was a nice mix of onions, carrots, and juices from the bird, along with the remains of the turkey. It was delicious for a few nights.
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I was in the pub before the cinema, had a single-serving pork pie with my pint of cask pale ale -- served with Coleman's british mustard and tried to cut the thing with a plastic knife that was barely up to the job.

(Double screening of Hunt, the debut film by Squid Game's Lee Jung-jae, which was a gripping spy molehunt of a thriller, followed by the dark and occasionally very funny Banshees of Inisherin.)
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A peach pie. Last year. Somehow I never got around to baking one of my no-bottom-crust (thin slices of Granny Smith do that duty, instead) peach pies this year, and now the '22 peach season has ended, alas.
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So, in the last 2 days I was faced with every teacher's nightmare: a student accused me of something I did not do, and there is going to be an investigation.

I'm sad for the child, I'm sad for myself, I have no idea what to do.

And blueberry with a crumble top and vanilla ice cream. Always. When I go on long hikes it's what I eat as a special treat. Close second, apple pie with pumpkin ice cream.
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World Market sells this pie pan ♡♡♡ This is a thing of beauty♡♡♡
You sure that's not just a big party ashtray?

Why can't it be both?

I do like me some pie, but it's not something I seem to have often (well, apart from pizza, which is questionable as to pie status). Pie-adjacent, though, I do love an apple turnover with cream and consume one at every opportunity, which is fortunately not often now I work from home all the time and rarely find myself in the vicinity of a bakery.
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World Market sells this pie pan
You sure that's not just a big party ashtray?
Why can't it be both?

Not at the same time though...
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between the ages of six and 11, my godmother would bake me a blueberry pie with crumble on top cuz it was my absolute favorite some years she baked two. I remember my godfather redesigned his basement with that orange and gray shag carpeting pool table pinball machine and the largest television you could buy in 1976. must have been about 10 and we were downstairs eating pie and playing pinball, "gosh I really love this pie" and my godfather and his son kind of chuckled, WHHAAATT. Nothing, pies great. In 2009, grown up with my mom and her, we went out to lunch and I thanked her for the blueberry pies. she kind of blushes and giggles, does the Violet, violet and my mom just kind of kicks her foot and she says you know I've got to confess I did not bake them but I got them oh I can't remember the bakery...and it just went right over my head, it's like I didn't believe her.
"Your deception is safe with me"
I got up and gave her a big hug and said I love you. she influenced (addicted) me to Johnny Cash, the comedy of Lily Tomlin and driving way too fast in the city of Ann Arbor. so this is for my godmother Pat whose blueberry pie deception, which went unnoticed for over 30 years, seems an apt attribution to a what a godmother perhaps should be, from time to time.
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The meyer lemons are ripening on the trees, and I am going to make my Bako Pie. This is a meyer lemon and white sweet potato pie, with a drizzle on top that is like margarita syrup, with a little salt. Then I will put whip cream on top. The crust will be this ginger cookie dough I made up, and I think it is going to be great. I will have to chill that cookie dough to get it to be a crust, but it must. I will let you know how it goes.
posted by Oyéah at 6:41 PM on November 6, 2022

I have only ever made Chocolate Almond Cake with that pie pan, it works for that too. I am increasing the size of my recipe so I can get it over the top, and have it have those flutes, and a domed top. I will let you know about this too.
posted by Oyéah at 6:44 PM on November 6, 2022

Chicken pot pie can be brought to life with the addition of fresh lemon juice, ginger, red pepper flakes, some dill<(not tons,) some sage, 1/4 teaspoon celery seed, parsnips for some sweetness, celery is also great for adding crunch, flavor and fiber, frozen peas are pretty and bright green, and kind of a chicken pie tradition. These days you can find teeny tiny potatoes in the grocery stores, they would be nice in a chicken cobbler or pot pie too.
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I made this delicious apple galette last weekend for our D&D group's in-person Halloween game. As always, it was a hit! This pie is particularly good for parties because you can easily pick up a slice and eat it out of hand -- no plate/fork needed. It's also beautiful -- I like to arrange the apples in concentric circles so it ends up looking like a big gorgeous chrysanthemum (though you don't need to -- you can always just chuck 'em in). If you're making it, note that the crust is better and flakier if you substitute 1-2 T of the cold water with vodka.
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Inspired by this thread, I made a vegetable pie:

Onion and mushrooms and sweet potatoes and a couple of handfuls of frozen chopped spinach cooked in butter, salt and pepper and garlic and lemon and some channa masala spice blend, piled in a store-bought crust (because I drove four hours to Minneapolis and back this weekend, and boy are my arms tired), cooked for a bit with foil on and then for a while longer until the crust was a nice color.

There are nine new pies in the cooking section of the NYTimes, and I intend to cook the blackberry apple and the cranberry lemon meringue.
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I worked out that the full-size recipe for the turkey-and-stuffing pie was precisely enough for two 5 inch pie pans, making for two single-serving size pies. So I gave one to the roommate.

Yep, I'll be making THAT again.
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Kroger/Mariano's brand frozen spanakopita (spinach-feta pie) turns out to be shocking good, less pasty than most of the frozen ones. Very cheesey.
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I have a Traitor Joe's spanikopita in my freezer. I'll let y'all know how it is. I am going for a one piece at a time cooking experience.
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My friend Kathy played the banjo and knitted us all warm stuff and grew lots of rhubarb and at the right time of each year she'd show up to music night with a rhubarb blueberry pie to share. Her pies were the best. 2020 took her from us in the same way it took our other friends. I miss her so much. She didn't always sing with us but with certain tunes I could always get her to join in: "It's a lesson too late for the learning..."

The last time I saw her, I was going to be busy the usual night and I called everyone to reschedule, instead of just canceling. I'm glad about that. Make time to be with your friends, please, it's more important than anything else. If you aren't sure what pie to make, try rhubarb blueberry.
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The meyer lemons are ripening on the trees, and I am going to make my Bako Pie.

...every word after this phrase broke my brain a little. In a good way. I don't know that I'm ambitious enough to dive into something like that but - inspiring!
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I haven't made it yet, but the next pie I want to try is this Sweet Tea Buttermilk Pie. I'm very intrigued, and I have a LOT of tea. Like I have a really yummy gourmet peachy one that would probably be great in this.

In other home-cafe news I'm currently sipping a delicious cappuccino made from my very own real espresso machine -- delivered today! Before this we had a Nespresso machine (uses capsules) that somebody gave us because it stopped working, and my husband can fix anything. He fixed it, and we've been using it for a couple of years, but we determined that with the price of the capsules, we should go ahead and get a real espresso maker and it would pay for itself over a few months. So we got this DeLonghi Dedica on sale for 150€ (except ours is white). Crucially, it takes up a minimum of counter space. I think the espresso it makes is excellent for a domestic machine (waaay better than the Nespresso, and better and faster than my mocha pot coffee. And hey, now I finally have an automatic milk steamer/frother. woohoo!

Also, just btw, I'M SO FREAKING AWAKE. Possibly because in addition to my regular morning coffee, I've now had three cappuccinos.
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(oh, and those are double espresso cappuccinos, so basically I've had 6 cappuccinos. 🤯)
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This past weekend I made a maple cream pie. It was weirdly jiggly but I guess that is a feature of cream pies, not a bug. It looked disgusting but was delicious!
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My latest savory pie: Serious Eats Tortilla bar pizza. Quick, tasty and delicious. Added some chopped pepperoni, of course.

My latest sweet pie: Just a slice of generic cheesecake from the deli. It wasn't great, but with a little strawberry jam on it it hit the spot.

Guiltiest pleasure pie: 3am Hostess apple pie, 30 seconds in the microwave and a scoop of ice cream.

I was inspired by this thread, how about Pumpkin Cheesecake with a ginger snap crust and a cranberry glaze?
posted by Marky at 12:04 AM on November 9, 2022

That sounds delicious 😍
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I like pie a lot. Pillsbury crust is pretty good if you don't make your own, but I'm trying to get better at making the crust. The cherry tree didn't do much this year, so the birds got the few cherries. Homemade cherry pie is my favorite because I can add lots of cherries, not a sparse layer. I have apples and will make a pie soonish. Lots of apples, a little brown sugar, lemon, cinnamon.

Lemon cranberry meringue sounds so good.

Chicken pot pie from the remains of a rotisserie chicken - stock and chicken with carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, broccoli. Now that election work is ended, I am craving home cooking and will get a grocery store chicken today. I ate a lot of junk and sugar the last 2 weeks, and so far today it's coffee, good bread w/ nondairy spread, salad, and the last of the peanut butter fudge from the historical society bake sale at my voting place.

I'll take the pup to the dog park; she's been crated a lot and deserves a good chance to run and play.
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