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Mystery Science Theater Club, that odd tiny little corner of MeFi that shows bad and weird movies Thursdays every week, is doing a day-long show on Tuesday for US Election Day, in our video share room. Most of what we'll be showing is riffed material this time, with the expectation that we'll need something cheerful. It is no excuse for not voting if you're in the US, but other than that come on by!

The theme for the day is general riffing, with an emphasis on MST3K episodes, but some other types thrown in. I'm setting the playlist up to go all day, so even if no one else is in at that moment, there should still be something to watch. I'm interspersing major items with drive-in theater intermissions, so if you come in and see that, just hold on a few minutes!
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Many thanks, JHarris! Looking forward to dropping in from time to time later in the day. I faxed in my vote yesterday; got the confirmation in the middle of the Swedish night. Yay for voting! Yay for MST Club, yay for our fearless leader!
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I dispute the "fearless" part, I'm afraid of nearly everything these days.
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that odd tiny little corner of MeFi that shows bad and weird movies Thursdays every week

Thanks, this is the first time I managed to get some idea of what 'Mystery Science Theater Club' means.
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I think I willfully blocked the reality of election day from my mind—despite talking about our local ballot with my wife all weekend. I need Tom Servo to hold me in his loving, tiny arms.
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Too-Ticky, it is the MetaFilter fan club for Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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I'll just take this moment to mention our regular MST3k nights on Thursdays (with added extras, starting at 7:00 ET), our BBC nights on Sundays (British sci-fi, and other vintage shenanigans, 7:00 ET), and our NEW thingy, Mystery Night on Tuesdays at 8:00 ET. All here, all real, all well-curated. Hope to see you there!
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Stopped by for a bit and everyone’s so friendly! Thank you!
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