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I'm committing to post an FPP every day from Dec 1 to Dec 24 for Metafilter - seeing more activity and diversity on the blue is a direct action to boost Metafilter for our current and future users. Please join in and tag away with #Advent2022! I apologise in advance for using a tag which has religious elements but the Advent concept of a countdown with a gift every day seemed ideal, and I didn't want to commit to posting during my actual Christmas days which are usually packed (or devoted to post-food coma). Happy to change to alternatives that fit proposed below.
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I expect I will discover a small bit of chocolate is behind the monitor displaying each of these posts. Not that I'm religious or xian or actually need an excuse to "find a small chocolate" but hey.
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I expect I will discover a small bit of chocolate...

@Pijinnn_: "Just seen a meme that called an Advent calendar a 'Chocolate Battle Pass' and that's what I'll be calling them from now on."
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Cool idea! I don't think I've got time, but if you or anyone else wants some ideas here's a couple.

19th century Ireland: Mary Doheny who used the folk belief that the dead sometimes go to live with the fairies to "resurrect" multiple members of a family:

Medieval English monarchs' impressive logistics operation for arrows:
And how well did longbow arrows do against armour anyway?
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Good idea! I'm not sure I'll fulfill the full term, but I've begun!
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This is exciting! Will be cheering you on, dorothyisunderwood!
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Can we post FPP ideas here? I'd love a post on the Krishna's Butterball, and hanging rocks in general.
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I've already missed fulfilling the full term, but I'll make some posts this month--thanks for the idea!
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FPP idea: Emily Dickinson's recipes. Dickinson museum, gingerbread recipe, black cake recipe (and history thereof, and some librarians from Harvard's Houghton Library baking one), more recipes, and a cookbook.
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(I have so many ideas but no bandwidth to post right now...)
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I don’t have the spoons for daily posts but this has definitely reminded me to post more frequently this month, thank you!
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