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Over the years, there have been many posts to Ask Metafilter about page-turners, books with momentum, propulsive books, engaging reads, books you can't put down. Basically, books that keep you coming back to the book instead of getting distracted by your phone or whatnot. Can you help me find those questions, in hopes of assembling a sort of meta AskMe recommendation of these books?

When times are hard, many of us want a book that sucks us in. So we keep asking variations on this question. Can you please link to your favorite, so we have the list of lists in one place?
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Come read some
with me.
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Did you know about the ReadMe page on the wiki? Well, I see the last update was 2014, so obviously we are due for this question!
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I enjoyed this one: What's the last fiction book you absolutely loved?.
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Weird Mysteries

A real nice list
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I’ve returned many times to this thread about literary page-turners.
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I found a few relevant threads with searches like these:

site:ask.metafilter.com "the martian" "hunger games"
site:ask.metafilter.com "blake crouch" "thriller"

And, like, I don't know if these count as page-turners for everyone, but my guess is any two popular book titles / subgenres could be combined to find a thread of 'books like these.'
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I may not be the best judge of this because I rarely find it easy to put down a book, but here are a few from my own answer history that seem like they could be appropriate:
Science Fiction Beach Reads
Distracting and enjoyable fantasy/sci-fi books to read
Frivolous, fun fiction
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I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but I keep going back to the thread What time travel novels do you recommend? when I the need arises. (And I'm often sad that the thread is closed, because I can think of so many great additions from the past decade since the question was asked.)
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