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I seem to remember a comment in the last few months on AskMe for a sleep dress on Amazon that was long enough not to ride up and/or cool (temperature-wise) to sleep in. I'm not finding it on searches on AskMe or on Amazon. Help?
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I probably recommended my nightgown, which is 95 percent cotton, long enough to not ride up, and has pockets. The brand, Coolmee, seems to no longer carry it, but Marvmys seems to have a reasonable duplicate.
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None of these so far. I (think I) remember clicking on the link to Amazon and it was definitely marketed to women, and somewhere around $20.
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I'm starting to think I imagined the comment. This is why I should never close browser tabs!
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I suggested a cheap nightgown made of very lightweight fabric in an AskMe about gifts for ND folks? Here’s the Amazon link.
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Mizu, that was totally it! Yay! Thank you so much.
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Hooray! Happy to oblige. Fair warning, since that answer I’ve washed my nightgowns a few more times and they have definitely changed in texture. Still very cool and lightweight and pretty soft but they have the distinct slightly nubbly texture of machine dried synthetic fabrics. I am not shocked considering the price and weight.
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Yeah, that should be ok. It was the length and lightweight and cool that I was excited about -- like a t-shirt (which is what I normally wear) but maybe I won't get woken up because it's riding up!
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I was pretty dang happy with the Daily Ritual (amazon brand) jersey maxi dress. Only complaint is that it's on the thin side, but it's a very comfortable sleeping dress. $30 CAD.

There is a looser version, and variations with sleeve lengths.
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