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Twas a year ago today that this marvellous serendipity took place. Be careful entering though, you may never leave! posted by pepcorn to MetaFilter-Related at 1:51 PM (14 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite

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(Here's an archived link to the broken Twitter thread.)
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I remember I had to nope out of that one. The first few photos had my heart pounding and it just got worse from there. I have no sense of direction. Worse, a negative sense of direction. A nonsense of misdirection! In my first couple of days of high school--my small Catholic high school!--I left class to use the bathroom, couldn't find my way back and wandered around in a panic for ten minutes before I stumbled on my classroom. I mean, the place had two hallways. If this happened to me, I'm positive it would end in future maintenance workers finding my mummified corpse.
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OH yeah. Pics too spooky for me. Too easy to imagine many of those in The Shining's hotel. With or without the attendant twins or river of blood, etc.
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That was a good one! Loved it! I wanted to go there. But not really. But actually, yeah, I wanted to go there.

There's a building where I work that's got some almost liminal spaces. Specially when it's after hours. And actually, it's not really liminal at all, it's just creepy mechanical/storage. I should take some pictures some day.
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Okay very weird, I just made a post on liminal spaces, over on the blue, and then I ventured into the grey and found this post. Uncanny.
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Also, that is a wild ride of hallways, stairs, and haunted spaces.
posted by Fizz at 5:50 AM on February 14, 2023

One of Vienna's weirdest buildings is the Allgemeines Krankenhaus. Planning began in 1957, and construction was finished in the mid 1970s.
The rooms in the cores of the two towers are windowless, with orange walls... all look the same. I got lost so many times.
For various reasons i made lots of visits there in the last 2 years, during major renovations. For example the corridors to the pediatric psychiatric ward currently are unusable so instead patients and visitors walk down literally hundreds of meters of underground maintenance corridors instead. Not exactly an enviroment conducive to (mental) health.
A video of the belly of the beast.
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(Here's an archived link to the broken Twitter thread.)

Doesn't look like anything to me
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That looks pretty typical of the back areas of any large conference centre. They're often confusing places from the front side and that multiplies once you step behind the black curtains.
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Ok, now do that while pushing a Marshall half-stack with a guitar in a gig bag over your shoulder.
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Oh, that was one of my posts. It beings me joy to have played a role in creating this happy memory 😊 let's take a trip down nostalgia lane, why don't we? Right through this door... And down the stairs....
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Ugh, people, I didn't see this at the time, and now I want to go down the rabbit hole, so to speak, of reading about the phenomenon of liminal space. It's the stuff of waking and sleeping nightmares for me. (One of the images most chill-inducing is the stack of chairs that appears to be below a large vent. [*eek emoji*])

When their friend finally suggested "call the front desk," I wanted to make a joke about a certain kind of person who refuses to ask for directions. But I'd probably roam creepy empty spaces awhile before I'd call. ( Seriously, as a woman, I'd be more afraid to encounter just one other person than be alone.)

I think they could've used the net more. There was a lot of going up-and-down, but at some point GPS could at least pinpoint you as far as E-W-N-S in the building.
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I believe that's the Kier Eagan Conference Center at the Lumon campus.
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