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When scrolling the various meta* sites at night on Mobile Safari, the larger soft-gray and translucent address bar is replaced with a smaller, but full white bar that lights up the entire room.

The theme-color property appears to only set the top status bar, not the collapsed address bar. It looks like there is a one line change to the HTML to make it appear correctly. For instance on fanfare it can blend in to the background if this:
<body class="subsite-fanfare dark-mode fixed-header-visible">
is replaced with:
<body class="subsite-fanfare dark-mode fixed-header-visible" style="background: #3e3354">
There is probably a fancy CSS way to do this; I just poked at it until I found something that worked based on various stackoverflow postings (and I'm not sure how it interacts with other themes).
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I'm not sure if this is metatalk appropriate, although since any changes would need to be coordinated across multiple themes and might affect user styles, I wanted to raise it as an issue for community discussion. As well as to ask if there is a way to solve this on mobile Safari without requiring site intervention.
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FWIW I only see this on the "plain" theme, which since it doesn't seem to have any sort of dark mode at all, is actually kind of consistent behavior: on all other themes the collapsed address bar matches the subsite color. Maybe try the "modern" or "modern dark" themes? (Tested on iphone specifically.)
posted by advil at 10:59 AM on August 7, 2023

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