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Folks in Alta California and Baja California check in, please. Stay safe!
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NBD for me. Got somewhere between 1.5 and 2 inches of rain, wind moved some plastic chairs around on my patio, lost power for around 20 minutes the one time the rain got real heavy.
posted by LionIndex at 8:57 AM on August 21, 2023

My parents in East County San Diego lost a good chunk of an oak tree. No wind at the time, but the weight of the water brought it down. No damage to property, thankfully.
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I hope everyone in the projected path will stay safe! this is very unusual weather for the west coast at this time of year. unprecedented in some places.
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I'm near downtown LA and can report basically no wind, but some steady rain that never quite reached the level of "pouring." Nothing even noticeable compared to this winter's rain, except of course that this is August.

Now with that said, there's photos circulating of Dodger Stadium totally flooded, and that's a mile from me, so, Wikipedia y'know.
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My father's memorial brunch was supposed to be yesterday but we canceled it.

I'm staying in glendale and didn't hear any wind; when I looked out the window the trees weren't moving much.

The weird thing is that I got the notification about the earthquake on my phone BEFORE it happened.
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apparently some people who didn't read the email nor my fb post showed up and refused to leave.
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brujita, condolences and 😬 to having to deal with people not reading the email and staying...
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I didn't encounter them because I paid attention to my brother's dm, what the NWS said--several spots on my way over have permanent signs saying prone to floods--and stayed put at my hotel.

There is supposed to be a do-over but idk who'll show up for it.
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"The weird thing is that I got the notification about the earthquake on my phone BEFORE it happened."

That's the whole point of the shake alert system. Depending on your distance from the epicenter you may get an early enough warning to prepare yourself as best you can in the remaining seconds before the quake's effects reach you.
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