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Thank You Internet Stranger for your most wonderful and precious gift . . .

This is the second time I have been the first to post a THANK YOU for the Secret Bean Gift Swap. I have no earthly idea who beaned me, there was no note or card or any info at all that might give a hint to who sent me the most amazing, delicious Guatemalan dark chocolates from the Cocoa Store in NYC. Whoever you are, dear Secret Beaner, I thank you. The chocolate is soooo good. I hope whoever is sending a gift your way sends you something that thrills you the same way I was thrilled when I opened your wonderful gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you. nom nom nom
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I returned from a work trip to find some delightful beans from oceanjesse, including a proper chef’s tasting spoon and supplies to keep it in gleaming condition! Thank you!
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My first thought on seeing this was "but we haven't had names yet", my second was "bollocks, yes we have, and I went to a market this morning which was spot on for getting mine something". Poop.
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I received my gift today! A lovely assortment of herbal teas from carnival_night_zone. Thank you so much!
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Thank you so much JiffyQ for the fantastic Korean cookery book and Mr Kipling book! Really looking forward to trying some of the recipes!
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Thank you mostly vowels for the lovely gifts! The book clips are so cute! They will work much better than the random strips of paper that I have been using as bookmarks. :)

I’m excited to start reading the astronomy book! Stargazing is a perfect hobby for the cold winter months.

Hope you enjoy the holiday season!
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KC all the way! Thank you very much, Chara, for the Kansas City-themed package! My partner and I especially liked the chocolate, and I am charmed by the cappuccino soap including lifelike foam on top. Despite being from MO, I am much more familiar with St. Louis than KC--but I should change that. Hope the city treats you well this holiday season, and <3 rightbackatcha. :)
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Thank you to a generous gift giver who shared some delicious gummy treats (that were a particular hit with my children!) and some beautiful objects from MoMA. They brightened my evening!
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I have been gifted! Thank you, lepus, for the extremely cozy assortment of gifts!!

Lucky me received a pair of deliciously warm socks, delicious-smelling hot fudge sundae cake mix, and delicious-to-dogs yak cheese! Speaking of the dogs there are also custom-printed bookmarks featuring photos of my best boys! Everything was packed up snugly in a dinosaur print bag (genius) and topped with 100 tiny origami paper stars. Absolutely charming, thoughtful, and made for me. Thank you, lepus!!!
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pingzing, you are so very welcome and I’m glad the items were a hit!
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Thank you to the mysterious internet stranger who gifted me an assortment of lotion bars. The lemon one in particular smells good enough to eat. Merry Beansmas to all!
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Many thanks to jason6 for the maple syrup from New Hampshire, the lovely notecards from his local coffee shop, *and* for his note that shared with me about how he visited not too far from my area in 2020! One of the best things about Happy Secret Beans is the connections I’ve made with other MeFites. Here’s to our community!
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I have received my package!!!!!!!!

Due to Life Circumstances I cannot open it until Thursday evening. But, secret bean gifted, it is here and I am already so excited!!!
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What a delightful way to start the holiday season! Thank you, miles per flower!! The frog pin especially is *chef kiss* perfection!
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I got two amazing books in the mail that are geared straight to me -- Let This Radicalize You and The Diaries of Dawn Powell -- from an anonymous sender. I wondered aloud who knew me so well to send those and was quite confused.

Then today I received Cain's Jawbone, which I have ALWAYS wanted, and exclaimed aloud, "HOW DO I KEEP RECEIVING THESE AMAZING ANONYMOUS GIFTS?!"

My husband then said, "Could it be one of your metafilter people?" And I felt like such a dope.

HURRAY! Thank you, Secret Beans Gift Giver! Please reveal yourself, because you clearly nailed it.
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Please reveal yourself, because you clearly nailed it.

It me! Happy Beans-Tide!
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orchidarea, hooray and a Joyful Beansgiving to you! That frog's from a shop I learned about in an excellent askme on "unusually nice enamel pins." I like it when the green supplies good ideas for this gift swap.
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Thank you to RhysPenbras for helping to make the season bright! The Anglo-Saxon-style ceramic cup is so lovely—it somehow looks as if it has always been here—I'm just captivated by it. Other sensory delights included enticing spices, handmade soap, and one of my favorites from WNY—sponge candy! That and the delightful card are much appreciated little tases of home. My gratitude to RhysPenbras and the Secret Bean elves for facilitating a winning start to my holiday season!
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Thank you so much to bunnysquirrel for the extremely festive beans! I received this super cute mochimochi knitting kit and the knitting needles (including directions, supplies, yarn, stuffing, eyeballs, etc.) to make not just one but TWO wee blue narwhals and I cannot wait to create and meet said narwhals! Thank you, I LOVE IT!
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Yesterday I got an incredible package from Robin of Frocksley, containing a book on the science of bread making, two incredible skeins of yarn (the recycled silk one is so soft!), and a Cappucino Crunch chocolate bar from the street my best friend used to live on! Everything was wrapped beautifully and it was such a wonderful treat. Thank you so much, Robin of Frocksley!
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I came home this afternoon to a lovely little package containing an assortment of good-smelling black teas (my favorite) in cut little tins that will be excellent for storing all sorts of miscellaneous craft things once I am done. Thank you so much rednikki for the delightful gift!
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Many thanks to apartment dweller for a book that is exactly right for me, some locally sourced potato chips, and a lovely note. Here's to our shared love of old movies, apartment dweller!
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Thank you so very much to pisky for the wonderfully thought out gifts. I am using the journal right now. The book and book themed presents are just perfect, and warm my book wormy heart. You did a fantastic job, and I'm grateful.
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Thanks to Pretty Good Talker for a gift card at a romance bookstore, a bottle of hot sauce, and some INCREDIBLE stickers. It was a nice welcome home from a trip to go help my parents out.
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You’re welcome advicepig. I almost sent you a book (either Of Fire and Ice, the Jasmine Throne, or Gideon the 9th) but I worried you’d already read them hence the gift card. But I recommend them all!
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Ahhh thank you to The Pink Superhero! I received a lovely package full of lovely wrapped surprises:

Pic of lovely wrappings

And inside I found

An assortment of lovely things! Including two multicolor pen sets, two notebooks, some adorable panda erasers (charmingly called a “puzzle” on the package haha), and some sprinkles for baking. I’m personally excited for the pen sets for an annual calendar I create for my mom (I write in notes and doodles on special days) and I know my kids are going to be PUMPED about the sprinkles and pandas. Thank you so much!!
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Thank you so much obloquy for the little box of wonderful things, all neatly wrapped and all exactly to my taste! Is it weird that maybe my favorite thing is the tiny waxed canvas gift bag in which the delicious-smelling candle was wrapped? I am going to enjoy everything so much, and your calligraphic note is gorgeous. Also, a Metafilter (tm) sticker! The memento mori postcards are great for this dark end of the year, and thank you for including postcard stamps!

To my beans-ee, I have posted your package priority mail and you should have it in hand later this week. Your MeFi username was not included in my info, so I won't name you here, but I hope you like it! Your cat should be forgiven for breaking your favorite mug and you should give them a lil kiss on their tiny perfect head.
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Thanks, Pretty Good Talker! I'm going to pick up the Jasmine Throne. I struggled with Gideon the Ninth. So confused by all the various ways characters were named....
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To the demon that lives in the air, THANK YOU so much for the marvelous assortment of baked goods from Zingerman's, which I have always wanted to try (despite the fact that I've never set foot in Michigan) and, despite my already-high expectations, still came in even better than expected! What a delight.
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Thank you, Captain_Science! For the excellent set of decorative gray pens and bright rotating pen/pencil holder - terrific additions to my handwritten correspondence setup. But that's not all! The package included a note about a mysterious additional handmade item that will be shipping later. Thank you so much, Captain_Science, you made my day in a rough week!

Happy Beans to all!
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Thank you Beaning for the absolutely gorgeous gemstone skull!! I'm so excited to add to my collection of skulls and skull-related ephemera that I've been gifted from mefites over the years. LOVE IT.

(Also sorry for the delay, this sat in a pile with other packages for I don't even know how long until RhysPenbras was wrapping gifts last night and said "oops, your secret beans is here!")
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Heartfelt thanks and warm holiday wishes to gemmy, who sent a beautiful ceramic pot they made themselves, a CD of singer/songwriter Greg Laswell that i can't wait to listen to, some truly horrific-sounding Swedish candy that i will nonetheless try in the interests of science and conviviality, and a fossilized shark tooth* they they had found in the Potomac river, along with a lovely card detailing these things with a gorgeous image of a damselfly called the Variable Dancer on it.

*(Little did they know that my daughter is a shark FANATIC, and was thrilled to receive this tooth! It now occupies a place of honor on her Shark Altar.)
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I received a wonderful package from dizziest today! (Perfect timing since it’s the first night of Hanukkah!) It contained a mystery book that looks really good, some local treats, and a handmade snack dish. (I’m taking that to work, since I want a candy dish but hadn’t gotten around to getting one.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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I know from the tracking details that my package has arrived at its destination so hopefully my Secret Beansee will have it very soon.
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My Secret Beans package arrived while I was traveling and elicited a collective “oooh Canada!” And was full of fabulous new flavors from their region that despite their names are not an Ask title :) Chow Chow (sweet-n-spicy) and Chicken Bones (traditional candy with chocolate marrow) that have been a delight to explore! The candle adds a cozy note and delicious scent to telework, thank you A, Eh! What you didn’t know is we’re planning a family vacation to that province which adds an extra level of charm. I would totally include your Mefi handle but it disappeared with the recycling after I put up your fabulous card.

On the sending side to a different Beansee…while I enjoy stamps, there is a lollapalooza of them on the box due to a borked card reader.
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Thank you to Matthew for the maple bacon sea salt, it shall be savoured!!!
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Thanks to ZenMajek for a fun assortment of 3d printed goodies! And minty goodies!
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You're welcome, Tangaroo! I thought it would be perfect for you.
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I have been Beansed! Thank you, Xingcat, for the lovely Boston themed & handmade stationary plus the original artwork! May you have the happiest of Beans this season!
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I'm so glad you like your gifts, KingEdRa, and I hope you have a wonderful season full of BEANS!
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Thanks to Glinn, who was kind enough to send me not only some cute Chicago-abilia and delicious snacks (including hot giardiniera, which I love, and which isn't easy to find in my part of the world), but also a card printed with their own art.

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I think that would be me, EssexJan! Sorry for the late update, am currently dealing with some gnarly health issues, and will open the exquisitely wrapped gifts (!) when I'm better. Am really excited, thank you so much!!
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I hope you're feeling better soon, seapig.
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Just got an amazing gift from Lawn Beaver! A perfect small mug (I love the glaze color!), cat effigy, smol candle, and a pin. Thank you so much! I've given my cat a snuggle but also warned him against breaking another cute mug...
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That is one chonky cat, aaanastasia.
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I received my parcel from brilliantine today and WOW! Delicious treats (my fave so far are the yuzu gummies but they are all great - and taro is my favorite bubble tea flavor so the taro wafer cookies were a delight!), a magnet, and a book! Thank you so so much - the package felt very special and really brightened my day!
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I think I got my Secret Beanser's gift. But I don't want to open it yet, and I do two exchanges with online groups.

If you sent Northernlite a present, thank you so much. I'll let you all know what it is when my willpower to not open runs out. :)
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Thank you to my gifter for a new fountain pen to add to my collection and a lovely & sturdy wooden storage bin that appears homemade. I am working on just what will live in it and where the bin itself will live, but am excited to make both those discoveries!
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I got my package from edencosmic and can’t wait to start my new scribbles with beautiful pens! Thank you so much! I really love the photos and they are going up on my bulletin board with other bits of art and fun.
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I got some lovely NY state hiking trail sign coasters from Maurice. Perfect for this hiking couple, one of whom grew up in NY state. Thank you!
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Thank you to my wonderful mystery sender! My gift arrived Friday!

I love New Year's (hooray for new beginnings!) and I always like to spend some time in the deep sigh of that last week of December taking stock of the past year and planning for the next. It's a whole week of notes and lists and laundry and scrubbing, a kind of physical and spiritual exfoliation, and I'd asked for something they thought might help me mark that particular ritual.

And on Friday it arrived -- this absolutely beautiful large citrusy spicy candle in a glass jar! It smells just heavenly. It's absolutely perfect for this and it's a scent I couldn't have chosen better myself. I am heartened, and happy, and now my plan for 2024 will be literally forged in fire.

Thank you for the gift and the sweet note! I love it!
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I do apologize, I was all ready to ship out on Friday, but some nonsense happened at work and I was unable too. But the package goes out today, I promise.
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Y’all. Y’ALL! To Wound the Autumnal City got me the most thoughtful gifts! A GORGEOUS all natural fabric covered in violets, delicious herbal tea AND chocolate, AND cozy socks. It’s so lovely and thoughtful and I’m so happy to be part of this community.
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I was mochapickle's Secret Beanser, and want you all to know that mp wrote the sweetest wish list note, very humble, very appreciative of the idea of this kind gift exchange with strangers.
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A box full of wonderfulness arrived today from Rapunzel1111 (Lisa)! Thank you so much for all the goodies: goat socks and stickers will make me a hit in the barn, fantastic opener ( now in search of a sparkly bottle), the licorice and a book that I think is going to be a fun read 🤗. Thank you again internet friend - each item was thoughtfully chosen.
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My gift arrived today. Thank you so much introp for your generous locally made truffles, hot cocoa mix, decaf coffee and box of tea perfect for the winter months. You covered all my favorite treats! It was a lot and really appreciate your generosity. You really made my day!! Thank you thank you thank you!
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Firstly, I must give a million props to the Trackinator, because for those of us who LOVE to track things coming to us, it's a delight. Thank you, MeFi Elves!

My gift arrived today! The package contained the book Word by Word by Kori Stamper, and a delightful shopping list notepad with adorable doggies on it. The book has been on my Goodreads list for years and neither of my libraries ever carried it. I am off the last week of the year (I call it Sloth week) and now I have a book to read! And oh boy I loooove to make lists. And I love dogs! And I loved this gift!

A million thank to Mefi's own cozenedindigo for being my Secret gifter this year! You hit a homerun! <3
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Hooray for kind strangers and Holidays and dogs and things. I retrieved a box from my porch this afternoon but am waiting for the weekend to share the reveal with other curious cats that run amok through my life. So an early thank you to my secret pal in Oregon. I'll be writing again in a few days. Yippee!
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I received my jingly package from homelystar today!

Yay, new gel pens! And even ERASABLE?! A new enamel pin, a tree ornament in the shape of a tree (meta!), delicious Ukranian candy, and some lovely postcards. I think the linocut winter card is absolutely beautiful! You have a great eye!

Thank you so much. 🥰
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My beanster kindly sent some crafting supplies and a cute 3d puzzle! Thanks much!
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