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I wanted to let you all know that we're replacing FeedBurner with RSS feeds hosted on our own domains before next week’s Site Update.

Since FeedBurner is functionally an abandoned service, we have now replaced most RSS feeds with ones hosted under instead.

If you use RSS feeds, you may switch over to the new ones by resubscribing. The old URLs aren’t disabled, but will likely stop working eventually when Google turns out the lights.

If you find any link to an RSS feed still pointing to FeedBurner please let us know and we’ll take care of it.
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*[This thread has been opened for comments in case you have any questions or feedback. If you need any help with rss feeds, please contact us. This is the fastest and more direct way to get help from us.]*

As TheophileEscargot notet in the previous site update. You can find the RSS URLs for each of the subsites below:

Popular posts:

Popular comments:


Feeds for Tags
Tag feeds were not affected by the change since they have always been hosted on You may access these by going to[tag]/rss, for example, this is the URL for the Tag USPolitics:
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Thank you!
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Is the podcast on hiatus? I notice it hasn't been updated since August.
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Is the podcast on hiatus? I notice it hasn't been updated since August.

Not officially, no, but it's a bit labor-intensive. cortex has a day job and I've been meaning to get Brandon Blatcher to come talk to me. Thanks for the nudge.
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I just noticed that all my MetaFilter feeds recently stopped updating in Feedly (probably the most popular RSS reader around), which is weird because the ones I've subscribed to over the years are from a variety of feed URLs:

Ask: - 1,959 readers, last post 3 days ago
Best Of: - 1,553 readers, last post 3 days ago
FanFare: - 67 readers, last post 2 days ago
MeFi: - 1,742 readers, last post 2 days ago
MeTa: - 374 readers, last post 3 days ago
Popular: - 7 readers, last post 2 days ago
Projects: - 151 readers, last post 4 days ago

Strangely, if you visit any of these URLs directly they all show the most recent posts (except for the MeFi one, which currently errors out). I know the best answer is to resubscribe to the new official feeds -- wanted to avoid that in order to keep my feed history and favorites -- but just thought I'd flag this since there are thousands of subscribers and this sort of failure shouldn't be happening (yet). I'll also ping Feedly Pro support to see if they can take a look and see what's wrong.
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No word yet from Feedly (probably not until Monday), but strangely MetaFilter and FanFare both updated ~16 hours ago, with a few more posts in the hours after that, but nothing in the last 11 hours. Bizarre.
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I don't know if I am misunderstanding, but it seems that the new "Popular Posts" is different than the old "Popular Posts across Metafilter" I was subscribed to on Feedburner. Can we get a new rss.metafilter that matches the old one? The old Feedburner feed had a prefix on each post identifying the subsite (ie, "Ask Mefi: [post title here]") but was otherwise the verbatim content of the post. The new RSS seems to be straight copy from the "best of " blog... which is OK, but inserts a layer of curation and commentary that I would rather skip (no offense to the editors). I guess I'm wondering, what was the source for the original feedburner list? (at )
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Oh, I figured it out: the feed I want is not “best of”, it’s “popular posts” at
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I just noticed that all my MetaFilter feeds recently stopped updating in Feedly

I've gone through and refreshed all the FeedBurner feeds manually. The FeedBurner feeds weren't being turned off, but do stop updating and have to be told to start updating manually once or twice a month. That might help with Feedly.
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