Help me find a recent post about guide for bereaved on what next January 24, 2024 3:29 AM   Subscribe

In the last couple of months I saw a post on the blue or green about a detailed guide for people who had a relative die, about all the things you will have to do if you are responsible for making arrangements and tidying up as it were. I cannot find it. Can you? Really want to share it with someone who sadly very much needs it.
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Was it
My Parents Are Dead: What Now
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Here is the actual post containing it, took me few minutes of digging through my browser history.
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I think the post you're looking for is probably the one mochi_cat linked to, but it might be my Project post "Eldercare, Family Caretaking, and End-of-life Logistics: Stuff I Learned", which was a front page post in December.
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Yeah, I was thinking of brainwane's great project.

Again, a drag that we all need it, and such a gift to have freely shared those lessons.
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Was it My Parents Are Dead: What Now?

Soon to be a book (for certain values of “soon”)!
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It was brainwane's Projects post (although the other site looks useful too). Thanks everyone!
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I missed brainwave's project the first time round. What a wonderful resource. Thank you.
I cannot emphasise enough the first advice to carers: Look after yourself.
This is so important because if you can't care for you, you can't care for anybody else and then a third person has the stress of sorting the situation out.
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Not a regular so can't suggest a link. As someone who when it happened all-but solo-ed all the required things I could manage on autopilot right up until I couldn't anymore, I take my hat off to you for looking out for your friend like this. It will help them more than you can know (unless you already know, in which case I'm sorry)

Maybe this is spam, it wasn't meant to be
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Shout if yr southern UK and it might help (my only context)
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