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Dear person who sent me a postcard that mentioned playing a show in my hometown, hmu in my MeMail! I want to talk to you but I couldn't make out your signature!
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What is the size of the monetary donation that would justify a banner that says "ARE YOU THE MEFITE WHO SENT HotToddy A POSTCARD?" and links to this MeTa. I imagine MeTa engagement on the site is right about 3% of users.
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My question is - how did they get HotToddy's home address? A card swap? Can we narrow down the pool of potentials?
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Oh I'm sorry, I should have said! Yes, it was a MeFi Card Club card.
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Also, my dog shredded it all over my bed (Card Club veterans who have gotten my name in the past will smile) so I no longer have access to the signature.
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lol I just noticed the banner, though if the person doesn't read MetaTalk maybe they don't read banners. In any case! Perhaps Sparky Buttons (if still running card club?) could help narrow down further!
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Searching AskMeFi for "my band" gives some promising contenders to cross reference against a Card Club list if such a thing exists.

(Love a good mystery. Would also love a review of the show, if you end up going!)
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Is card club a secret, or can I join?
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It wasn't me because I'm behind on sending out my cards as per usual
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tofu_crouton, yes
"If you want to be added, please send me an email at meficardclub@gmail.com," where "me" = the wonderful Sparky Buttons
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Hahaha just saw the banner! Thanks!
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Oooh, definitely check with the lovely Sparky Buttons to see who drew your name this month. Of course, it could have been a previous sender from another month?

By process of elimination, I can say it wasn't me. Although I might be traveling near your neck of the woods later this year sometime. I don't have a band, but I do have dog treats.
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mochapickle, really? I would love to see you. Let me know and we can make it happen!
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Card Club is still a thing! And I'm still running it! We are in our sixth year believe it or not.

I don't have the easiest way to look up who I assign to people, but I can probably get most of that information and send it to you, Hot Toddy. I'm out of town this weekend but will look when I get back.
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Okay thanks!
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Is this how we'll find out P. J. Harvey's a MeFite?
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To send HotToddy her love?
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HotToddy said something, she’s never forgotten
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Polly Jean is Metafilter's own?
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Well, this has been a pick me up.
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It's been 2.5 weeks! Do we know who HotToddy's mysterious sender is??
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We do! Sparky Buttons gave me list of likely suspects and by good fortune I was able to recognize the name. I've MeMailed them but haven't heard back yet. Not sure if it's cool to publicly identify them like this so I'll just wait and they can chime in if they want. Thanks all!
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HI! IT WAS ME!!!! (I am no PJ Harvey, but I specifically do condone shredding by dog!)
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