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The board forming the nonprofit for Metafilter met Feb. 1.

* The board voted unanimously to incorporate in Delaware. This was an “ultimate issue” and met the required 2/3 majority to pass. Aielen did major research about each of the 50 states to help us determine the best one for our incorporation.

The board voted unanimously to seek 501(C)(3) IRS nonprofit status. This was an “ultimate issue” and met the required 2/3 majority to pass.

Other matters:

The board heard and discussed input compiled from members of the BIPOC board.

Also, aielen put together and maintains the web page that the Interim Board is using to provide information about its activities to the MetaFilter community. She presented it to the Interim Board. It includes the following sections:
* Relevant MetaTalk Posts (two subsections: Posts discussion MetaFilter’s transition to become a nonprofit, and Posts by the Interim Board – links to MetaTalk posts)
* Meetings – index of meetings of General [Interim Board] and Governance
* List of Interim Board Members and Interim Volunteers – shows active/inactive status
* Contact – email link to contact the Interim Board:

The board voted unanimously to publicize the web page, found at the following URL:

I realize we are a little behind on our updates. Sorry, I dropped the ball.
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Thank you all for the work you are doing. I know from my day job that this kind of thing always takes much longer than anyone thinks it will, and ends up being much more complicated than anticipated, but it is truly foundational work and decision-making. You are doing good things!
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In the interested of transparency: as the webpage shows (I'm sure access be fixed soon, Zamboni) I've stepped off the board, and that's due to a personal conflict. Basically, I won't be able to attend any meeting in Feb or March, so it made sense to step away.

The board is a bunch of terrific people doing fantastic work, and I'm pleased to have played my small part.
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The board's public page is:

(The Notion link, and any links beginning with "", should be disregarded and is not a public page.)
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Thanks! Mods, feel free to edit my previous comment if we’d like to tidy up the private link.
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Mod note: Thank you zamboni and aielen! Tidying up link stuff now, for security reasons.
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Thanks to you all!
posted by ellieBOA at 4:21 AM on February 20

Good to see solid progress being made. Thanks to all! Especially ailen, that sounds like a ton of work!
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Thank you all! I'm really happy to see the process moving forward.
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This is great stuff, I love the transparency and clarity on the board site!
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Having once filed similar non profit paperwork a long time ago and in a different jurisdiction I wish everyone involved luck in the next step of wading through the 501(C)(3) process.
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When I paint, I hate the prep work and just want to get painting! But every minute of prep work I put in shows in the final product: it looks smooth and consistent and it doesn't fail prematurely.

The Board's careful, detail-oriented work here will pay off down the road -- so thank you all for putting in the time when you'd probably rather be looking at cat pictures on the Internet or whatever.
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Thank you so much for your work! The web page is so helpful, too.
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Delaware sure been in the corporate legal news lately, shouldn't y'all consider Texas? (ba da bing, I'll let myself out)
posted by sammyo at 9:51 AM on February 20

I appreciate everything the board is doing!!! You are all terrific!!! :-)
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Thanks for this!
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Thank y'all for your efforts!
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Thank you very much for your efforts!
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Awesome work. Many thanks to you all for your time and dedication.
posted by adamvasco at 6:21 PM on February 21

Appreciate you all and my sympathy on the upcoming 1023.
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