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I was meandering among the tags on one of my past front page posts, and noticed that "inspirational" said:
Users that often use this tag: brainwane
Other MeFites who make front page posts: are you ever surprised to notice a theme emerging among your posts? Like, "Oh, huh, I guess I do post a lot about that"? I'm curious!
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I am surprised to see that I have five posts tagged hiphop.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 7:35 AM on March 22

MeFi tags: Art (105) Photography (65) Brazil (40) Surrealism (31) politics (26) Journalism (24) War (22) PostMoarGlobal (17) Torture (16) Obituary (15)
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Mine are a bit funny: sponsoredpost (16) birds (13) music (13) history (12) obit (12) obituary (12) sponsoredpost2022 (12) art (10) birding (10) canada (7)

I do like birds! And I often add obit tags to others' posts if they make an obit post and don't add them. The Canada one though, that was a bit of a surprise.
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Obituaries for me!
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Toronto (3) canada (2) 👈(waves to Jessamyn) racist (2) children (1) artists (1) arrival (1) angelaliddon (1) alittlemorelove (1) albertmaysles (1) alarm (1)

I need to post more.
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MeFi tags: climatechange (8) globalwarming (8) ... only 8? I'm clearly not doomsaying enough!
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space (94) art (73) nasa (54) postsbyblackmefites (53) photography (51) film (44) humor (34) spaceflight (30) fiction (25) comics (24)

Not too surprising!
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My profile page lists my ten most frequently-used tags, which mostly concern my intentionally themed post series of short scifi/fantasy stories (there were 150+ of those). Below that threshold, I find smaller patterns, like work (13) and religion (12) and CalloutCulture (5).

I was a little surprised to be the MeFite with the most posts on the blue tagged "inspirational" but then I realized most of us use "inspiration" instead. Similarly, I seem to be the MeFite who tags "queer" most often on front page posts, but I bet others are using the other related tags instead.

If I were assiduous, all of them would be tagged postsbyPoC.
posted by brainwane at 10:33 AM on March 22

Dogs! Dog, dogtraining, puppies. And Boston. And anxiety. Pretty much!
posted by Countess Elena at 11:30 AM on March 22

I like art. That’s not a surprise except that I continue to think of myself as someone who doesn’t actually like art.
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Music and history for me!
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I am the top user of the identify tag on Ask and it's because I live my life in a constant state of it's just on the tip of my tongue and yes it is miserable here.
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The only tag I've used more than once is "food" (3 times). Which, to be fair, is a topic very near and dear to my  stomach  heart.
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Music, art, dogs, food. Yeah, pretty much sums up my interests.
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I’m shocked that my most common tag is podcasts. It seems really out of character.
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PostMoarGlobal (17)
had to Google that and that can be a fine thing.
Damn Adam, the Surrealism tags make a nice collection effectively making me jealous.
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Neat question! I'm not surprised by my tags, though I don't think their content speaks as broadly to my actual breadth of frequent topics as they might if we were using a controlled vocabulary (that is neither a complaint nor a feature request). I regularly try to overtag, use variants and plurals, etc., as a reaction to my own past frustration in seeking topics by tag and finding I'd missed whole swathes of posts because I didn't search all variants. Anyhoo:

MeFi tags: art (18) Artists (11) Artist (10) Painting (10) Painters (8) illustration (7) Painter (7) divination (6) drawing (6) Food (6)
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MeFi tags: music (203) Iraq (96) war (74) Blues (69) Folk (53) history (50) Sublime (37) Americana (30) Jazz (29) Dylan (28)*

*Joined 09/19/01: A lot happened since then.
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I have made so few FPPs (sad face) that I have no tag with more than 2 mentions. not nearly enough to form a pattern.
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What a good question.

Here are my leaders:
space (28) wwi (28) NASA (27) Mars (23) SpaceX (21) ESA (20) moon (19) Earth (17) ISS (17) AI (15)

Which surprised me a bit, since I spend most of my time in academia and futures.... spaces.
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What this teaches me is that I am just really bad at tagging, but my most used tag is marathon, and I'm not really surprised about that.
posted by Literaryhero at 10:21 PM on March 23

Over 7,945 days of membership here, I've made 35 posts, about one every 227 days. All that time and still insufficient data to detect a trend :-(
posted by dg at 5:27 PM on March 24

I'm the #1 Wisconsin tagger on here by a factor of more than three!
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BTW, people who haven't noticed this yet: even after you post a front page post, you can add to or remove tags! So it's possible to go back and add tags to your own past posts.
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Music and Dance for me. And I realized I've under tagged my posts as well.
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I just looked up my Metafilter tags

Australia (18)
Wildlife (17)
Marsupial (16)
marsupials (13)
Fossils (12)
history (10)
MeetThe (10)
Fossil (9)
AustralianWildlife (8)
Echidnas (8)
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MeFi tags: ship (3) stuck (3).

But I decided to let someone else start the thread for the currently extremely stuck ship, since my humourous track record is somewhat out of whack with the awful circumstances.
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Australia (18)
Wildlife (17)
Marsupial (16)
marsupials (13)
Fossils (12)
history (10)
MeetThe (10)
Fossil (9)
AustralianWildlife (8)
Echidnas (8)
MeetThe theme emerging.
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