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A couple of months ago, I was poking around on AskMetafilter for productivity things. I found my way, via a comment on an oldish-post, to an organization system for computer files that I got excited about, started to implement without even reading the whole thing, and have found very helpful. Now I'd like to read more about the system and I can't find the link again.

The system involved creating a top level of folders on specific topics, with two-digit numbers leading the file names. For instance, mine look like:

01 Writing
02 Write With Su Biz
03 Business and Finance
04 Quaker
05 Readalongs
06 Research/Academia
07 Personal
08 College Essay Coaching
09 Medical

And then, more folders inside with the same title format, each focused on a specific project. There's a "rule" in this system that you don't go deeper than this two-level folder directory.

The practice is to put everything related to a given project or topic in the same folder. So, the folder might include images, text files, graphics, correspondence, etc.

I have found this amazingly helpful in organizing my very messy files, mostly just starting fresh with new files, but it also gives me a place to put things when I happen upon them in odd places or buried in my downloads folder.

I would very much like to re-find the website that explains this method.
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Was it this one?
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Johnny Decimal! I use it on my work and home computers, and it's been SO helpful. My mailboxes also match the same so I can save attachments to the corresponding place, and it's just so much easier to find things on my computers now.
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Yes! You are both right. Thank you so much.
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