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Using Mozilla, I no longer get a comment preview, and therefore cannot post comments on MeFi proper without launching the dreaded MSIE.
posted by xyzzy to Bugs at 7:04 PM (7 comments total)

I am using the "simple" template in my user preferences.
posted by xyzzy at 7:05 PM on February 2, 2003

It just up and died one day? Did you try deleting your metafilter cookies for mozilla and logging in again? Mozilla is known to drop cookies from time to time.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:00 PM on February 2, 2003

Those damn kids! *sweeps up cookies dropped by Mozilla*
posted by dg at 9:28 PM on February 2, 2003

I did try. =( Alas, no amount of cookie resetting is helping me.
posted by xyzzy at 9:29 PM on February 2, 2003

I have the same problem with Moz 1.2 on Win2K SP2. I've dumped cookies/cleared cache and history several times but still have to launch IE to post to MeFi.
posted by NsJen at 6:41 AM on February 3, 2003

I have also had troubles like this from time to time. Difficult to pin down as the problem is inconsistant. Last time it happened I was trying to post a comment to a popular post - one that was getting lots of activity. (I ended up posting via IE).

I'm using Mozilla 1.2 on OS X 10.2.3.
posted by jazon at 10:31 AM on February 3, 2003

Jazon: interesting that you say that. I was trying to post comments to two very long threads and used MSIE instead. Just now I was able to post to another thread and got the comment preview.

Looks like a Mozilla bug.. sorry to big you Matt =)
posted by xyzzy at 1:28 PM on February 3, 2003

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