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If you're a gear head you may appreciate video tours (QT) of famous recording studios or if you're passionate about the "pure" art of music you might appreciate this essay. So which are you??? [more...]
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damnation! I meant to post this to "music" -- ugh..

meanwhile: after watching Scratch a friend commented that DJ's love music and producers love playing with gadgets. Interesting distinction that rings true!
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Hey, thanks for these links. Mr. padraigin is a recording engineer, he loves this shit.
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Nice links victors! I see Ardent Studios is listed. I had the pleasure of touring it once a few years back. I remember an awesome set of gear and an impressive list of clients. They were really nice folks too.

What really impressed me though was the natural reverb chambers. They had tunnels under the main studio areas with mics, cables and speaker cabinets positioned to capture and record instruments in a natural reverb environment.
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the natural reverb chambers

in my house thats "shower"
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Coo, this is cool. Since everybody here knows the rules of MeFi perfectly, perhaps we should secretly post our interesting posts here, and leave the front page to descend into anarchy and horrible formatting and self linking and opinions and ....
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