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A question and a related request: I see on our music site that Matt is behind in adding songs, but should be caught up by April 27th. The question: Matt, did you get all the new songs posted?

And the request: is there a way to include posted-on or updated-on dates with each musician's folder, beyond the "new today/new yesterday" labels?
posted by jazon to MetaFilter Music at 7:07 AM (3 comments total)

I'm way behind. Like a month behind on submissions.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 5:42 PM on May 14, 2003

Take yer time, dude. Also, any skinny on y6y6y6's thang, and automation, &c?
posted by cortex at 4:29 PM on May 15, 2003

If there's any manual drudgery I can assist with, I volunteer.
posted by frenetic at 4:18 PM on May 16, 2003

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