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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.. it's late at night and I've poked around a little bit looking for a place to email questions like this and didn't find one, but I didn't want to FPP to MeFi without asking this first...

The company I work for (but not me personally) has developed a web scripting language that in some ways is comparable to ColdFusion, which MeFi is run on...

Is it kosher for me to post a link to it on MeFi? The product is free and the only end goal I want to see is that interested parties go try it out and give feedback on it... The "business model" so to speak is to eventually sell customer support to corporate types, but there are online forums and the like for free support to regular joes just tinkering with the language and helping each other out...

Anyhow... if it's not cool to post it, no big deal... if it is, cool... If anyone wants to check it out, let me know... I'll respond with a link...
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The best way to handle the situation would be to buy a text ad first, and if someone really likes the software, they'll probably link to it eventually...

Also, including a link on your user page, will lead some to your work.
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Well, shit.... I didn't realize that Celine himself was a Metafilter-user.... I guess I'll keep it in mind....
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textad is the way to go! :)
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Of course it's not cool; you've been a member over two years, you should understand the concept of the self-link. And you should know the "place to email questions like this" is easily findable here.

From the guidelines: "Posting a press release for your company's latest product launch or website makes for a bad post. You might want to give the TextAds a try, as that is a more appropriate place for such things."
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Is that sort of thing OK to post at Blogroots? Not sure of the self-link policy over there, but they might be a better place to find test drivers.
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Because you could benefit by promoting your employer's work, it's a self-link. I think it's also ill-advised to link the project of a friend, relative, or the like.
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This would be an alternative to a text-ad if you or your company cannot come up with the AUD15.10 for the ad.
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You can also put just about anything you want in your user page, and if it's ontopic, in a thread (web development does come up now and again, both in MeTa and MeFi...), but I concur that TextAd is the way to go.
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